Workplace Drug Testing – 4 Panel EZ Cups With Adulterant Testing

Workplace drug testing is very important in identifying drug users in the work place. People who have abused drugs are always in the search out for tricks, tips and ideas to pass drug tests. Many people who smoke and snort a good amount are caught drug testing.

The certo jeleton mix is one the most sought after pass test method. This in reality does not do any good in beating off the test. However, the certo being thick is very thick and sticky, believed to prevent the THC from passing on to the urine for a couple days. This is an insane idea that anyone who is looking to pass a drug test could follow. There are several people trying to provide educated guess to identify a favorable drug pass test and it is all fools game.

Despite sensible scientific evidence of the insanity behind several so-called flushing methods, people are desperate to clear their papers and they are spending dollars on getting their stuff flushed off.

Integrity drug tests like 4 panel EZ cups with adulterant testing, 5 panel EZ cups with adulterant testing and other integrity test strips are used to ensure the integrity of the sample. Several people tend to use fake samples to clear their drug tests too. Integrity tests are great at warding off such manipulative samples.

Urine Test, Hair or Hair Follicle Test, Blood Test and Saliva Test are the commonly used testing methods and people try to fake out and manipulate every possible testing method. However, the drug testing industry has advanced enough to track every possible tricks tried in sample manipulation.

However, agreed that there are still few who escape, but the situation, far well evolved and companies are getting better at testing and identifying even slightest drug abuse by intelligent drug test strip testing.

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