Withdrawal symptoms of barbiturate – barbiturate drug screening

Barbiturate is a sedative which develops physical and physiological dependence up on habitual use. Even the prescribed barbiturate when taken in over dose will develop dependency and tolerance. Once an abuser develops tolerance for barbiturate he seeks more and more amount of drug to be consumed. In the case of absence of drug he feels very irritated and confused indulging in criminal activities. One important feature in barbiturate drug is the safety line for dosage, even if a single dose crosses the safety dose it will develop tolerance. Hence it is essential to use barbiturate under proper medical care. It is potentially fatal when consumed habitually.

Physical dependency of barbiturate will leads to restlessness, anxiety and insomnia. These are the symptoms experienced in the case of absence of drug or during withdrawal period. Psychologically dependent people cannot function normally without drugs. They seek more drugs to be ingested in this case. Both dependencies become essential focus in their life.

Dependency for sedatives will lead to untold dangers including coma and death. Complete detoxification or overdose is the only way to recover the user from death. Withdrawal of barbiturate is a life threatening and potentially dangerous. A withdrawal symptom is based on the frequency, dosage of barbiturate. A symptom for barbiturate drug withdrawal varies from restlessness to nervousness, convulsion and finally death.

As withdrawal symptoms are potentially dangerous, it requires proper attention of medical care to avoid complications. Withdrawal symptoms can be effectively treated based on the dosage of drug addiction. Primarily barbiturate drug screen is carried out to detect the level of addiction. Barbiturate drug scanning includes barbiturate test urine, barbiturate screening. Barbiturate diagnose drug will help effectively in drug rehab program. Valium is prescribed to overcome the barbiturate withdrawal symptoms which are prescribed for two days in adequate dosage to cease the symptoms.

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