What to do if you have a false positive on a drug test?

Drug testing is the mandatory process in almost all part of the life. You are required to take drug testing at various levels of life that is when you were employed. At least one time in a drug test you may get false positive test result even if you are not engaged with drugs. Here comes the questions what will you do if you have a false positive drug test result?

Suppose if you are working and you have a false positive test result on a drug test then first talk to your employer. Tell the fact that you are not engaged with drugs and test result is not accurate. By doing so you may be given second chance for taking retest or you might be helped to find what really happened. There are not many reasons for false positive drug test result, it happens occasionally.

Certain foods possibly will result in false positive test result. Get out with what food would have caused this and analyze that could be the reason for the false positive drug test result. A food stuff that commonly cause false positive test for opioids is the poppy seed. If you come to know that you are getting drug test then avoid pay to foods containing poppy seeds.

Some times legal medications that you are taking regularly for some other problem might be the reason for the false positive drug test result. Legal medications are also found in illicit drug testing due to drug interactions. Tell that you are ongoing with legal medications for health concern and you can avoid future problems.

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