What is the MLB drug testing policy?

Major legal base ball drug testing policy was established to prohibit the players from drug addiction. MLB is the drug prevention and treatment program which is acting along with the MLB player association and office of the commissioner of base ball. According to this legal policy players who are drug abused will be banned from the play. The test includes drugs, alcohol, anabolic steroids and banned illegal drugs.

MLB test involves a systematic procedure in testing and treatment process. Testing for steroid involves the unannounced random drug test during the practice session and before the commencement of the game. The random drug testing, number of players to be tested and type of test and sample are decided by the commissioner of the drug testing program and HPAC. Apart from random drug test suspected players may subjected for additional tests during practice session.

Drug abuse in sports has become more common. Testing for drug in the players is not conducted in random manner rather than it is performed only at the reasonable origin. Testing for drug in players requires proof or evidence produced by at least one of the committee member from the HPAC. Only then drug testing is continued in the suspected player.

The procedures to be followed during drug testing process are collection of sample and analyzes. Care should be taken in order to prevent the adulteration of the sample by the player. Players should be instructed to submit their sample within an hour for testing. Dilution with water in an hour will not elute the drugs immediately.

Substance abuse screening test, drug test kit, urine drug test kit, rapid drug test is performed by the MLB prior the permission is given to the player to participate. Every player who wanted to play has to pass the drug tests conducted by the MLB team.

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