What is synthetic urine?

Synthetic urine is the especially intended to replace the urine sample during drug testing process. Drug addicted person who are prepared to beat the drug test use synthetic urine to replace their substance containing sample. A long time ago synthetic urine was the best way to cheat the drug test. It was really working well till the labs suspected and started to detect the adulteration of sample. Now day’s adulteration of the urine sample is easily detected by using kits. Yet many drug abusers use synthetic urine for drug testing.

There various synthetic urine products they are

· Quick fix synthetic urine

· Ultra pure synthetic urine

· Urine luck synthetic urine

· Unisex synthetic urine

· Reliable synthetic urine

Synthetic urine is designed in such a way that contains balanced pH, specific gravity and creatinine. In addition it imitates all the features of the normal urine sample. Urine sample kit is available in concentrated form or in normal concentration. Most of the synthetic urine kits are available in powder form to which water is added along with heat activator to maintain the temperature of the sample. Usually lithium is used as heat activator in the powder form of synthetic urine. A synthetic urine kit consists of a crystalline powder of natural urine, measuring cup, heat activator, temperature detecting device, concentrated and normal synthetic urine components. Synthetic urine is replaced at the time of sample collection which requires privacy. Certain synthetic urine kits have limitations in drug testing process (GC/MS).

Abuser with a query how to pass a urine test will be aided by synthetic urine. The synthetic urine will provide negative results for the test like creatinine test urine, specific gravity urine test. Specimen adulteration testing, specimen validity test are used to identify the adulteration in the case of synthetic urine.

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