What are flavored cigarettes?

There are various forms of cigarettes which are widely abused by teens and adults. Each variety of cigarettes has its own kind of effects to the user. A flavored cigarette is one kind of the cigarette which is commonly referred to as bidis or beedies. Origin of these flavored cigarettes is from India and now it is widespread in United States for past few years.

Why a flavored cigarette has got rapid attention among the teens in United States? As they are marked in the form of various flavors such as candy like flavors which includes chocolate, strawberry, licorice, orange and so on. Because of this flavor teens believes that these flavored cigarettes are natural and are safer than the regular cigarettes. Moreover the costs of these cigarettes are very less than the regular cigarettes.

Actually Bidis are made from tobaccos which are hand rolled in a tendu or temburi leaf and fixed with colorful threads on the ends. Although bidis hold less tobacco than usual cigarettes, they deliver additional nicotine which is the addictive element in tobacco and tar, and other destructive stuffs such as carbon monoxide and ammonia. The substances are not filtered and as they are thinner than usual cigarettes, they have need of about 3 times as numerous puffs per cigarette.

Bidis come out to have all of the similar health risks of usual cigarettes, if not more. Bidi smokers have a lot of advanced risks of heart attacks, chronic bronchitis, and some cancers than non smokers. As the number of smoking has increased the users are taken for drug testing centers where they are tested with Oralert drug test, swab drug testing, nicotine drug screen, drug tests saliva, saliva drug screening. Smoking is also a kind of drug addiction as they contain nicotine drug which is the active element in tobacco.

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