Urine Drug Tests – Why Check For Multiple Drugs In Urine

Results provided by urine drug tests are getting to be more complex. This is because people who abuse drugs are not just on one type of drug these days. They snort drug cocktails. They tend to dose on more than one kind of drug at a time. Testing for multiple drugs in urine is becoming very important.

Not only do you need to have multiple drugs testing done, with increasing number of drug flushing techniques and products, you should also check for sample integrity. There is no point in providing negative result of a positive donor, just because the manipulated sample proved negative.

Illegal drug trade is booming. The hook up culture encourages the use of drugs for going high. Prescription drug abuse is also in the increasing rise. Availability of medical marijuana has added fuel to the fire. Online pharmacies are booming and patients are finding easy access to banned drugs and psychotropic drugs that were once available only via due prescription from a physician.

Drug testing is important to hire efficient employees, to pass through insurance approval, in government agencies, in schools, in sports, to identify kids for abuse and almost everywhere. When you test for drugs, you might not be sure if you should check for one drug. The abuser never agrees on a usage, it is always best to check for multiple drugs.

Rather than going for individual single panel urine test kits to test for Marijuana, Cocaine, Opiate, Oxycodone, Methamphetamine, Benzodiazepine, Amphetamine, Barbiturate, Ecstasy, Methadone, Phencyclidine, Propoxyphene etcetera you can opt in for twelve test card, 10 test card, 8 test card or 6 test card based on the drugs in question.

Based on the purpose of the drug test in question, if you are unsure of the drug combinations you might have to test for, click in to Urine Drug Tests

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