Urine Alcohol Testing – Saliva Alcohol Testing

Now days drug abuse by the pregnant women are becoming very common. During pregnancy certain medications are essential for the development of the fetus. Some women take illicit drugs for their pleasure which adversely affect the fetus. Fetus and mother are interconnected by the placenta. Fetus absorbs nutrition and oxygen through placenta which are essential for fetus growth. Drug reaches the fetus in the same way.

The various ways in which the fetus gets affected by the drug addicted women are as follows drugs directly interact with fetus resulting in death and unusual development. Drug constricts the blood vessels which supplies nutrients to the fetus. Due to constriction of blood vessels nutrition and oxygen supply are limited. This results in under development of the fetus. Mainly it alters the function of placenta. It indirectly affects the fetus by causing the muscle contraction in the uterus during delivery.

The developmental stage of fetus and strength of dose are the main criteria of the action of drug over the fetus. At early stages of pregnancy drug do not affect the fetus and the fetus develops high resistance to the drug. The drug affects fetus only after the well developed organ in the fetus. At this stage it leads to severe birth defects even it may cause mortal of the fetus. It is a real pity for such victimized infants.

The wide studied drugs in the drug abuse maternal – fetus interaction are the cocaine and methamphetamine. Drugs coupled during pregnancy develop high risk to the fetus such as early delivery and placental abruption.

Alcohol association drug industry testing reports several pregnant moms who continue with alcohol. Several of them test positive for drugs too. Urine alcohol testing, saliva alcohol testing, guardian angel alcohol test are some of the testing methods apart form just using a breathalyzer device.

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