The Myth About Panel Testing – Best Way To Beat A Drug Test

Chemical additives that are potent enough to beat not only the random tests, but also the EMIT test and the GC-MC test are readily available in the market. Several thousand of people are resorting to do such additives to pass drug tests.

Several of them around are hungry looking for advice on how to pass a drug test. Using synthetic urine has gotten to be the best way to beat a drug test. People are flocking in to sites to buy synthetic urine.

The drug free concentrated synthetic urine has high demand among those who are desperate to take up a drug test for a job interview. These urinators tend to be a great compliment with absolute instructions on how to use the urine efficiently to pass any kind of drug test offered in the directions pamphlet.

The problems of maintaining the temperature also solved in these products. They recommend different methods to bring in the sample to natural temperature. While carrying these kits around, the electronic mechanisms in such machines operate in a way to maintain the temperature alike for nearly 4 to 5 hours!

Regardless of how hard one does try, it is hard to beat nature. You can imitate nature, but you cannot duplicate it 100%. Technology is advance with drug testing companies, because they have their own team of researchers who are working to beat through and provide innovative testing methods to trap fake samples of every kind.

The Myth

The interesting thing is that the buyers of synthetic urine are to refuse any drug use, claiming something wrong with the test if they are on tests. They insist those buyers to ask for a second test. They assure them that 10 panel urine drug test kit, 12 panel drug test kits, and five panel drug tests used by companies are not as effective. However, that is a myth.

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