THC Urine Test

Eating foods with poppy can cause someone to fail a routine corporate drug test; however, the best deal rather than fearing positive drug poppy seed testing is to tell the employer or the MRO or fill in the fact that you have been taking some kind of food with poppy seed in it before you give the sample for a THC urine test.    There is nothing called poppy seed drug test however the fact is that drug testing THC after consuming poppy seeds based food will show up positive for THC! Even if you have consumed very small quantities, the result will be positive in the preliminaries.

There is nothing to panic about the interference of poppy seeds in THC drug testing because researchers assert that they differentiate between false positives and real abuse results; however, such claims from drug testers is contradicting because someone that have been doing opiates can claim that they have had a lot of poppy bagels! Some of the available over-the-counter and prescription drugs can create false positives too. Whether they are going to prove the result as true or false a bit later does not matter, an immediate reaction to a positive will always cause the employer to hold the employment confirmation or promotion of what ever is applicable.

There are many products that are focused to causing negative urine tests despite abusing a particular class of drug and most of them are readily available in the internet upon request.  The first two test results for any kind of drug screening is most targeted by these products.  Since, only those tests that are positive for a drug test in the initial level is send for GC/MS people are working hard at killing the positive by drug test products in an early stage.

Most of such products are kind of “do it yourself” substances and they are very technologically sound to the extent of mimicking temperature and even the pH.  Imagine artificial urine! However, the integrity test methods can crack through all such malpractices.  Due to the high possibility of cheating, employers that require ensuring a drug-free workplace must work closely with their diagnostics labs and take advantage of new testing methods.  Though there is a reported decrease in the number of positives for drug test some are related to cheating methods, but most are related to abstinence for the fear of test methods that have integrity methods as a part of the drug policy of the screening agent making screening more reliable and true.

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