Testing Using A Test Panel Meant For Drug Testing Codeine

Codeine is natural opium obtained from poppy seeds. It is mainly used therapeutically in cough medications by virtue of its property of depressing all centers except oculomotor, vomiting and sweating. It is a peripherally acting analgesic. It stimulates the propulsive activity of the intestine. One important indication for abuse for codeine is that it acts synergistically with alcohol and barbiturates.

The detection period for codeine depends on the mode of consumption. When orally ingested, symptoms can be seen within half an hour which corresponds to the time of appearance of the drug in blood. When injected, the symptoms can be observed within minutes. It is well absorbed from mucous membranes, raw surface or wounds, hypodermic injection and when smoked in cigarettes.

The fatal dose of codeine is just half a gram. In lower doses, it initially stimulates, then depresses and then finally paralyses the nerve centers. After this, it is destroyed by the tissues mainly the liver. The major metabolite is morphine and is excreted through urine, feces, stomach, intestines, saliva, bile and milk.

In spite of many ways of excretion, yet urine still remains to be the best sample that can be tested for the presence of codeine. All you need to do is to ask the candidate to collect urine in the testing sterile container up to the marked level. Then do a pH testing to see if the sample is adulterated or not. This is followed by the testing using a test panel that is meant for drug testing Codeine. It should be noted that those who start up with one drug tend to go on abuse on a number of other drugs. Therefore, it is ideal to not use Codeine drug test; however, if you are going to check in with 10 panel drug screening, 5 panel drug screening or 12 panel drug screening you will be checking for several other drugs simultaneously, saves time and helps you to not miss other drug positives in the sample.

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