Teenage Prescription Drug Abuse Is Increasing At An Alarming Rate

Children are widely affected by the drug addiction. Addiction mainly spoils the education of the children. A child with the background of drug addiction is considered to be at high risk. Addiction impairs the cognitive ability and reasoning ability. Moreover drug addicted child lacks attention in the class and fail to gain the knowledge. Education is mainly deals with reasoning and cognitive ability of a child. As the drug targets the brain function and alters the chemicals responsible for the thinking and reasoning.

Poor Family background and terrible school environment inspires a child to addict drugs. Certain children are affected at the womb itself. Child is affected by the drug in taken by the mother. Such child has reduced thinking and reasoning abilities and develops less interpersonal skills. Child affected in uterus can be identified by the recent medical tools. This kind of child can be treated with special care so that they are able to regain the thinking ability.

Drug addiction by children can be prevented by giving equal and individual attention to the children at home and school. Children who are suffering from ailments can be subjected to emotional and educational programs. These programs aids in recovering from the drug addiction.

Recent brain research could distinguish the affected child and when they are affected either in uterus or after birth. Suitable learning environments can be organized to encourage the children in studies. They can be motivated to participate in the out door games and to mingle with other children.

Teenage prescription drug abuse is increasing at an alarming rate. Effects of teenage drug abuse has been widely reported with alarming figures in teenage drug abuse statistics. The only way to overcome addiction of children to drugs is by regular drug test procedure, specifically random drug testing student.

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