Workplace Drug Testing – 4 Panel EZ Cups With Adulterant Testing

Workplace drug testing is very important in identifying drug users in the work place. People who have abused drugs are always in the search out for tricks, tips and ideas to pass drug tests. Many people who smoke and snort a good amount are caught drug testing.

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Mannerisms of a drug addict

Drug addiction makes the user to involve in criminal activities and their mannerism completely changes. A worker, who is by means of drugs, will try to hide his addiction. Particularly a worker who is abusing by means of intravenous injection and they will aim to wrap the reality up by wearing long sleeves, even when the climate does not demand it. The user will not permit anyone to notice their arms because there will be needle marks, blemish and discoloration that are all revealing indications of drug abuse and dependence. Continue reading

Drug testing for employee

Employer drug test is mainly concentrated by the companies. A good employee ensures that they are free from substance and are dedicated to their work. Full dedication and involvement of a worker will improve the quality and quantity of the product. An employee is certified based on their work performance, regular attendance, discipline and sincerity. Drug addiction has rooted into the companies too where workers abuse drug during work hours. Continue reading