Drug testing policy and technique

Drug testing Laboratories and collection spots as well have techniques to decide if the candidate has tried to change the test sample by intake of too much water, contaminating the sample, or by means of some type of product that is sold in the expect it will facade drug exploit. Continue reading

Drug Test Kits Meant For Onsite Testing

HIV/AIDS is transmitted via blood and other fluids of infected person. Drug is one of the major issues related with the spread of AIDS. Some times equipments used to share the drugs likely to transmit the disease like HIV from one abuser to other. Drug abuse may also lead to risky sexual activity which is also a route for transmitting HIV. Certain drugs which are injected intravenously (IV) acts as source to spread HIV. Sharing of IV drugs from HIV affected individual will transmit to the co-user of the drug. Drug like methamphetamine will increase the unsafe behavior in sexual activity. It also reduces the safer sex practice and makes use of condoms. Drug abusers have multiple sex intercourse which transmits the sexually transmitted disease. Continue reading