Coerced Abstinence – Blood Alcohol Content Breathalyzer

Someone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol require more care than we can guess. They ought to get some paternal treatment than a normal healthy adult. They lose their ability of self-command, social manners and legal morality. Continue reading

Yell Like A Genius – Marijuana, Cocaine, Opiates, Pcp And Amphetamines

Several companies normally test for just marijuana, cocaine, opiates, pcp and amphetamines. If you have done something out of this list, you can indeed yell like a genius and feel a lot better. You will probably be okay passing the drug test. Continue reading

Drug Addiction Is A Chronic And Relapsing Disease – Drug Testing

Many people believe that drug addiction mainly occurs due to the moral weakness of a person. They are of the opinion that anyone with will power can easily come out of drug addiction. One might not know the real complexity of coming out of drug addiction. The real fact is that drug addiction is considered to be a chronic and relapsing disease because of its prolonged effects in brain. Continue reading