Athlete Drug Testing – Moral Failing Due To Drug Abuse

Drug testing is becoming very important. Apart from using it for recreation, the use of drugs is becoming very common among those who are looking to enhance their performance in sports and exams are resorting to drugs. Yes! The use of performance enhancing drugs is increasing everyday. Continue reading

Drug abuse outcomes

Drug abuse stories does not often have happy ending. Drug abuses are such very harmful to the users and the people surrounding them. Once an individual has started with drug it is the scenario he fells in to the hell of drugs and continues to get high all time. This makes one to die day by day and finally meets the final destination. Continue reading

Do you have drug addicting personality? – I cup drug test

There are some people with addictive personality. They go addict on silly things such as chocolates, games like casino, alcohol, movies, toys and drugs. What is an addiction mean in common? Addiction generally mean a compulsive behavior to self possess the entire thing what they like. It may be living thing or non living thing. People just go crazy over the things they like and become habitual. Drug is one kind of addiction that is made as compulsory behavior in the abuser. They become more vulnerable to self destructive. Continue reading

Urinalysis a wide spread drug testing

Different types of drug testing are included in drug testing centers. This includes urinanalysis testing, sweat testing, oral testing, hair testing and blood testing. Among these tests urine drug test is widely proffered because of the easy detection. Though sample collection have created some issues it is still been tested. As the drugs are eliminated through the urine it is more reliable to detect it with urine sample. Continue reading

How Drug Addiction Affects Work – Work Place Drug Testing

Drug addiction is a chronic, often relapsing brain disease caused by compulsive drug consummation. This addiction might be due to the use of prescription drugs or the likes of cocaine and heroin. With time, the brain’s chemistry is altered to such an extent that not having the drug could cause very unpleasant sensations in the body to the extent of pain. Finally, this compelling urge to use a drug reaches a level where it disrupts work, relationship and health. Continue reading