Legalities of terminating employee for testing positive for drugs

If drug testing result is positive in the particular worker it leads to dismissal of an employee from the work. Terminating an employee should be moved according to legal activities.

Company drug tests include urine drug test which aids in the detection of drug from the donor. Companies that test for drugs will conduct the drug test at any period of time with sudden inspection during work hours.

If the company’s human resource notices any worker is under drug addiction they have to take legal actions. Legal action should go according with company policies. Certain companies do drug testing at the time of hiring process in which an agreement will be signed that candidate will obey the company policy. First they should compare the work performance before ad after drug addiction. With this proof they workers are fired by the HR. the other reason can be accounted to terminate an employee are unusual behavior, robbing, sexual aggravation, and imperil to other employees.

Supervisor is one of the key to terminate a worker from work because supervisor manages them during work hours. He could find the difference in their performance and could report to the high authorities. In certain companies supervisors are trained specially to dismiss the worker if any in disciplinary action is noticed from the worker.

Some companies will give notice or warning only once and if the illegal action proceeds the workers will be terminated. Such warning should specify the mistake of worker and what does the company expect from their performance. One verbal warning should clearly indicate for what a particular worker is warned. Certain companies follow reviews before terminating the worker. Termination of an employee can be short term termination and post termination. By giving the apt reason for termination and are given the document for termination.

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Drugs tests, Urine drug test

Do you know about drug testing? Have you any knowledge about that? It’s a choice of the kind of drugs you would like to have tested by doing drugs tests, which are processed to decide if they have been abused or taken in by some form probably due to drug consumption. Generally, these tests are processed for hair, urine, saliva, blood and other substances.

Such kind of tests become necessary over many similar tests such as post-accident drug tests, random drug tests and pre-employment drug tests, but many people are interested in consuming leisure drugs, as ecstasy or marijuana, so as to rock or rest during a party, and as well communicate with friends who consume soft drugs.

Indeed, there are a number of other medications, which are meant to treat dreaded chronic illnesses with the use of drugs, some of them which are labeled as dangerous beyond a certain level of dosage to be harmful and legally opposed.

For instance, several psychotropic drugs are not given without prescriptions probably because they are harmful beyond therapeutic levels.

There are none who prefer to stay without a job.  With more and more work places being sensitive on testing drugs it can cause damage to one’s profession if they are going to consume over dosage of marijuana or if they are going to overuse an abusive medicine prior to a random drug test?

Is there a mean to avoid such situation? There are a number of detoxification products, aiding to detoxify and flush out the metabolites from the organism in a way to flush and clean out the toxins.  Though these products claim to defend your rights and keep you away from attack to your personal job holdings, by helping you keep so-called clean even after you have abused drugs.  The better way is to not abuse and to keep away from such proceeds. If you have, then have the levels tested with test strips.

Purchasing detoxification (detox) products via the Internet provides the customer an opportunity to save privacy and it also permits them to select a required unit of test strip from an extensive collection.  This is a rather large potential for clients, who are company owners employing a number of employees as they can execute random drug tests and test their employees for a variety of drugs without having to bother about which class of drug they might have abused at a comparative lesser cost.

Urine drug test:

This type of drug test is the most common method of testing and this is called as urinalysis.  You ought to give a sample of urine. There are two ways of passing the test – It can be carried out with a test strip or you may possibly be asked to bring the sample to the laboratory to pass gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (as well named GCMS), high performance liquid chromatography or immunoassay examination.

Due to the probabilities of the clients to be able to replace the contaminated urine sample or substituted urine, which is nowadays broadly increased, which is a serious matter in the United States, legislation has emerged for certain employment categories to check for sample integrity before the sample can be declared negative.

Urine Drug Screen Detection Period


·         Amphetamines (excluding meth): 1 — 2 days

·         Methamphetamine: 1 — 2 days

·         Barbiturates (excluding phenobarbital): 2 — 3 days

·         Phenobarbital: 7 — 14 days

·         Benzodiazepines:

         Theraputic consumption: 3 days

         Chronic consumption (over one year): 4 — 6 weeks

·         Cannabis:

          1 to 2 joints: 2 — 3 days

          Oral ingestion: 1 — 5 days

          Serious smoker (daily): 10 days

          Moderate smoker: 5 days

          Chronic consumption (more than 5 joints a day): 14 — 18 days

          Preservation time for chronic smokers: 20 days or longer

·         Cocaine: 2 — 4 days

·         Codeine: 2 days

·         Cotinine (a collapse product of nicotine): 2 — 4 days

·         Morphine: 2 days

·         Heroin: 2 days

·         LSD: 2 — 24 hours

·         Methadone: 3 days

·         PCP: 14 days; Chronic consumption: up to 30 days


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Clean Urine Drug Test

Normally while on the job people powerfully oppose the drug abuse, according to most of those that are drug testing no one should be forced to present to urine testing. Refusals, to the side, from the beginning for an official test, to make a clean urine drug test, the best way of protecting against urine test is to be clean without doing drugs.  But, who does it? Most do not!

Regrettably, this might be pretty complicating since urine tests may identify drug use especially marijuana even 1-5 days after a rare use, 1-3 weeks in frequent users, and 4-6 weeks in habitual multiple users. As the urine drug test do not detect the metabolic constituent of marijuana, the broad plan employed for passing urine tests is by increasing the water ingestion and urine flow in a way to dilute the concentration of drugs in the sample below the level of finding.

Before an hour or two to the test, the person who must face urinalysis drug test will fill their bladder with fluid by drinking as much as they can ingest before urine drug tests to show clean. Water is mainly used to flush drugs; however, there is no real proof that niacin, vinegar, or vitamin C might help be clean if you have abused at all. However, it has been reported that high-dosage aspirin may reduce the compassion of the urine test for pot.

All such tricks become necessary to beat the drug test.  The cost of drug testing for the employer is considerable; however, the result is pretty important to produce a drug free workplace and so they get ahead to get the most sophisticated drug testing plans to detect the silliest and brilliant form of passing adopted by those that drug test.

When people take water to flush prior to the test, they will also be required to take a large dose 50-100 mg of vitamin B-2, available in B-complex multivitamins. The reason for this is to color your urine yellow! As otherwise those that have flushed will produce very clear urine.  Silly! You could better hang yourself to do so much in fear after having abused.

In rare circumstances, the labs might reject a sample for being less viscous; however, they will naturally give you a new start with new samples, better wait until your test results have been confirmed before you indulge in a compromise for their behavior of requiring a new sample.  If you have not abused, you are just fine; however, if you have tried out some drugs, you are caught!

Call toll free 1-877-281-9756 or international toll free: 1-864-631-7371 or write to to know more about urine drug tests.

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Urine Drug Screen

Urine drug screen can be used for a variety of purposes namely pre employment drug testing, random drug testing, post-accident drug tests, etc by a wide range of people. The users of drug testing include staffing companies, high schools, military, consumers who want to drug test at home, manufacturers, businesses, occupational medical facilities, drug and alcohol treatment facilities and rehabilitation, probation and parole drug testing, correctional facility drug testing. The advantage of urinalysis over other drug tests is that the test can be performed within minutes with easy interpretation of results. Moreover the drugs can not escape from coming in the urine.

The ease and accuracy with which urine drug screening can be done has made it a reliable method of drug testing. But urinalysis is not suitable for testing current drug use. For instance your son took a crack of cocaine jus few minutes before and if you are looking for the drug in urine immediately, then you would end up in a wrong result. The reason is that it takes some time for the drug to appear in urine after being metabolized in the liver.

Urine drug test can be done in many ways. Either you can look for a single drug or for a number of drugs using the same urine sample and at the same time. The drug testing kits helps you to do an on site drug testing using the lateral flow Immunochromatographical assay. Another alternative way is to send these samples to the nearest registered laboratory and get the tests done using the GCMS or Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry. Sometimes people use diuretics to dilute the urine to such high levels that the drug goes below detectable levels. In such cases you have to do a specific gravity testing to find out the possibility of dilution.

Whatever may be your motive of drug testing, you must be very clear about the urine drug test information and the drug detection periods and cut off concentration. You must be clear what type of testing kit you are in need of.

The urine drug test kit uses the urine sample as it is and does not require any modification before testing. Dipstick method is the most popular one. If you want to look for a number of drugs simultaneously, then you can go for multi drug testing panels. There are also integrated cups for drug testing.

Call toll free 1-877-281-9756 or international toll free: 1-864-631-7371 or write to to know more about selecting the right kind of urine drug screen.

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Urinalysis Drug Test

Urine is the major excretory pathway in our body which makes it one of the most common used samples for drug testing. Almost every drug that enters our body finds its way to the liver, gets metabolized and finally makes its way out of the body through the renal system. This forms the basis of urinalysis drug test. It is not only the drugs but also every substance can be detected in urine.

The main reason for performing urine drug test is that the drugs or its metabolites become soluble in aqueous solutions after metabolism in liver and are expressed in detectable quantities in urine above the normal cut off concentrations. These metabolites or the drug when exposed to specific chemicals react in specific pathways leading to production of different substances and indicate a change in color when colorimetric agents are added. Such a reactive chemical with an indicator is incorporated in small strips that are easy to use.

Another advantage of using these urine drug testing kits is that it can be performed at any time during the day and the kit is compact enough to be carried around. All you have to do is to collect the urine in sterile containers and dip the strip in the sample up to the indicated level and leave it for 5 minutes. Then the result can be read instantaneously. Urine drug tests in the cases of pregnancy testing for women is very popular and moreover hormonal level tests in urine helps to monitor even ovulation status in a woman.

This type of drug testing can be done either in the laboratories or using simple home based drug testing kits. You can have only a qualitative analysis in the latter form of drug testing in urine. If you do a urine drug test at home and have a clean urine drug test, then you can face your pre employment screening with confidence. Further Urine is a good indicator for almost any diseased condition in our body. Even if you are ill or suffer from any disease, the urine samples will surface them either on gross examination or in microscopic examination.

Finally coming to the cost of drug testing, the entire procedure would just take few bucks off your pocket money with out leaving a big strain in your economy. Multi panel drug testing further augments the cost effectiveness. You can detect several drugs in a single test.