Conception of Drug Abuse

Drug addiction is a kind of illness affecting both psychiatric and physical health hence it is termed as psychiatric illness and physical illness. Both psychiatric and addictive illnesses are out looked as biopsychosocial disorders. These disarray or diseases are caused or sustained by a diversity of biological, mental, and educational or social factors. The quantity of power of specific issues may differ in the middle of psychiatric disorders. Continue reading

Why is opiate detox so important? – Urine drug screening

Lots of addicts have instant of simplicity throughout which they become conscious about their drug addiction is a crisis. Many will in fact take an effort to discontinue using on their own, but this want to obtain dirt free by them is not enough. Continue reading

Return to duty drug testing

Workers who were indulged in drug addiction and are caught hold during drug testing are admitted in a drug rehab center in order to get rid of drugs. Once they are clean from drugs they return to their duty. Such workers must be welcomed back with no indications of bad mood with other workers. Even though the workers are returned back to their work they are of ten tested fro drug which is called as return to duty drug testing. Continue reading

Urine Drug Screen

Urine drug screen can be used for a variety of purposes namely pre employment drug testing, random drug testing, post-accident drug tests, etc by a wide range of people. The users of drug testing include staffing companies, high schools, military, consumers who want to drug test at home, manufacturers, businesses, occupational medical facilities, drug and alcohol treatment facilities and rehabilitation, probation and parole drug testing, correctional facility drug testing. The advantage of urinalysis over other drug tests is that the test can be performed within minutes with easy interpretation of results. Moreover the drugs can not escape from coming in the urine.

The ease and accuracy with which urine drug screening can be done has made it a reliable method of drug testing. But urinalysis is not suitable for testing current drug use. For instance your son took a crack of cocaine jus few minutes before and if you are looking for the drug in urine immediately, then you would end up in a wrong result. The reason is that it takes some time for the drug to appear in urine after being metabolized in the liver.

Urine drug test can be done in many ways. Either you can look for a single drug or for a number of drugs using the same urine sample and at the same time. The drug testing kits helps you to do an on site drug testing using the lateral flow Immunochromatographical assay. Another alternative way is to send these samples to the nearest registered laboratory and get the tests done using the GCMS or Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry. Sometimes people use diuretics to dilute the urine to such high levels that the drug goes below detectable levels. In such cases you have to do a specific gravity testing to find out the possibility of dilution.

Whatever may be your motive of drug testing, you must be very clear about the urine drug test information and the drug detection periods and cut off concentration. You must be clear what type of testing kit you are in need of.

The urine drug test kit uses the urine sample as it is and does not require any modification before testing. Dipstick method is the most popular one. If you want to look for a number of drugs simultaneously, then you can go for multi drug testing panels. There are also integrated cups for drug testing.

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