Reliability of urine testing in workplace

Urine drug testing is considered to be the best sample and drug testing in the work place as it can deduce the presence of even small amount of drug metabolites in it. Urine drug testing is widely employed in workplace and schools to deduce the drug use in workers and students respectively. Continue reading

Principles Of Effective Drug Treatment

Treatment is the essential part of drug recovery. It can be either medical treatment or behavioral therapy or any kind of therapy, whatever it may be it must be very effective so as to recover completely from drugs. Continue reading

Significant information about morphine – morphine drug test

Morphine drug is the narcotic drug which is prescribed for treating mild pains. It is very important to know about the morphine abuse and its effects. Morphine is addicted to overcome the pain experienced by various works and is commonly used by athletes. They are abused for long term which produces certain side effects. Continue reading

Breaking through Your Marijuana Addiction- marijuana drug test

Plenty of people are addicted to marijuana. Marijuana addicted individuals are struggling to come out of the addiction. Whether the marijuana abuser is physically dependent or psychologically dependent the effects will be similar and worst. If you are willing to break the marijuana addiction follow the points discussed below. Continue reading

Rapid Drug Screening

Rapid drug screening should be done after a careful choice of the sample that will be used for the qualitative analysis. The choice of the test method will decide on the sample that will be collected for the drug info screen. The drug screen can be a urine drug screen or a saliva drug screen based on the testing pattern that is most suitable for the detection.

In any drug screen test the best choice of sample, collection, storage, analytical pattern and time frame for the analysis should be pre-determined. The major factor that will interfere in this decision making will be specificity of the assay. Specificity of any drug testing methodology is the competency of the test assay to identify the presence of the compound in the presence of other components that might probably cross react. The level of accuracy and the precision of the test method will be influenced by degradants, metabolism, impurities and the biological matrix.

The drug screening method has 2 steps, one is the preliminary analysis and the next is the confirmatory analysis. The preliminary analysis is mostly rapid and it will provide with a qualitative analysis which will indicate the presence of absence of a compound in the sample. Pseudo-qualitative analysis will dictate the presence or absence of a compound based on a pre-determined cutoff level. The rapid drug screening method analyses the major drug class and the exact drug entity will be identified by the confirmatory analysis. Most of the preliminary testing methods are onsite and can be done with test strips and instant testing methods that are mostly of the dipstick type that declares positives and negatives.

The rapid drug screening method detects the drugs by using antibodies that binds to the binding site of the target drug. The binding site design is unique to a particular class of drugs and the immunoassay is based on with the antibiotics that will bind to the target binding sites of the drug that is being targeted for identification by using that particular assay. A positive result for any drug testing method in an immunoassay indicates the drug to be positive, which is in all cases above the cut off concentration for the assay. Such a positive warrants further confirmatory tests. The purpose of having a cutoff concentration is to limit the number of false-positives caused by the interference by cross reacting substances.

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Urine Drug Screen

Urine drug screen can be used for a variety of purposes namely pre employment drug testing, random drug testing, post-accident drug tests, etc by a wide range of people. The users of drug testing include staffing companies, high schools, military, consumers who want to drug test at home, manufacturers, businesses, occupational medical facilities, drug and alcohol treatment facilities and rehabilitation, probation and parole drug testing, correctional facility drug testing. The advantage of urinalysis over other drug tests is that the test can be performed within minutes with easy interpretation of results. Moreover the drugs can not escape from coming in the urine.

The ease and accuracy with which urine drug screening can be done has made it a reliable method of drug testing. But urinalysis is not suitable for testing current drug use. For instance your son took a crack of cocaine jus few minutes before and if you are looking for the drug in urine immediately, then you would end up in a wrong result. The reason is that it takes some time for the drug to appear in urine after being metabolized in the liver.

Urine drug test can be done in many ways. Either you can look for a single drug or for a number of drugs using the same urine sample and at the same time. The drug testing kits helps you to do an on site drug testing using the lateral flow Immunochromatographical assay. Another alternative way is to send these samples to the nearest registered laboratory and get the tests done using the GCMS or Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry. Sometimes people use diuretics to dilute the urine to such high levels that the drug goes below detectable levels. In such cases you have to do a specific gravity testing to find out the possibility of dilution.

Whatever may be your motive of drug testing, you must be very clear about the urine drug test information and the drug detection periods and cut off concentration. You must be clear what type of testing kit you are in need of.

The urine drug test kit uses the urine sample as it is and does not require any modification before testing. Dipstick method is the most popular one. If you want to look for a number of drugs simultaneously, then you can go for multi drug testing panels. There are also integrated cups for drug testing.

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