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Urine Dipstick Test

A urine dipstick test is very simple, but it is very important from several perspectives. A positive blood in the Urinalysis test result might be indicative of hematuria; a positive protein in urinalysis test strip might indicate proteinuria and might warrant further analysis. A positive test need not create any kind of panic, a further confirmatory test should be done to determine if the positive is due to minor or major reasons and appropriate treatment should be accorded.

Urinalysis testing of late has been very useful in ruling out drug abuse among all groups of population, especially in workplaces and schools due to the wide applicability of this drug testing system. Dipstick methods are the best and inexpensive methods to arrive at a semi-quantitative result of drug levels that are in the urine during the urine drug detection times.

Drug testing by urinalysis is the sole dependable method that is in practical use to determine whether someone that is under custody or under correctional observation has been using illegal drugs. Frequent testing can catch abusers pretty in the early stage and any rehabilitation treatment becomes simple and less expensive and less cumbersome. Urinalysis is an easy method to keep offenders in check in stages of the re-conviction trials or during the post-conviction release of probable relapse.

Most of the criminal justice agencies are aware of the accuracy of the urinalysis methods based on the kind of drug abused. In terms of suitability of costs and reliability of screening expect in rare drugs, most of them have been detected effectively in urinalysis.

In some drugs the urinalysis might cause more false positive than actual result. So, before deciding on the kind of technology to be used for the analysis, the reliability and accuracy of the urinalysis technology should be thoroughly studied. Moreover, it should be determined of the positives given by a particular urinalysis is in compliance with the Federal Drug Testing cut off guidelines.

Research is in the progress to create urine dipstick method of accuracy and quantitative reliability to prevent the confirmation of the positive by GC and MS methods. The day is not so far when such a technology might come in to existence. After any kind of positive urinalysis from EMIT, TDX, RIA methods, technicians employ GC/MS or TLC to confirm the exact substance of abuse. The GC/MS is the most commonly used method. opiates, cocaine, phencyclidine, amphetamines and marijuana and their metabolites are the most commonly tested drugs of abuse with urinalysis. Apart from this Ovulation, alcohol and nicotine testing is also done using urinalysis methods.

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