Oralert Vs Urine Drug Testing For Testing Drugs

MDMA is a psychotropic drug acting on the synapses and increasing the concentrations of serotonin in the neuronal junctions. It acts by two mechanisms. Firstly it acts on the SERT and inhibits the reuptake of serotonin and secondly it causes more release of serotonin into the junctions thereby increasing the action of serotonin. Continue reading

10 Drug Test Panel To Narrow Down To Drug Abused

People often try to explore new things which include exploration in drugs also. This showed the way to explore the use of prescribed drugs too. Prescribed drugs are easily available and to obtain is so easier than the street drugs. Continue reading

Diagnostic Screening For Drugs – Intoxication

Drug testing in the broader sense means that you are being tested for the presence of any drugs in the body. Diagnostic screening for drugs is done to find out the cause of intoxication in case drug abuse or poisoning is suspected. Continue reading