Suspicion of drug abuse in workplace

What to do if you deduce Alcohol or Drug abuse on the work. Workplace drug addiction is becoming very common issue today. So the following steps can be followed to solve it. Continue reading

Do you have drug addicting personality? – I cup drug test

There are some people with addictive personality. They go addict on silly things such as chocolates, games like casino, alcohol, movies, toys and drugs. What is an addiction mean in common? Addiction generally mean a compulsive behavior to self possess the entire thing what they like. It may be living thing or non living thing. People just go crazy over the things they like and become habitual. Drug is one kind of addiction that is made as compulsory behavior in the abuser. They become more vulnerable to self destructive. Continue reading

Urine Drug Test

The urine tests for alcohol truly are not proportional to the blood concentration of alcohol at any point in time. The urine concentration of alcohol varies based on metabolic status that is unique and varies between every individual based on the activity status of the person after alcohol consumption and also based on the hydration of the subject. A dehydrated person is likely to show increased concentration of alcohol than a person that is pretty well hydrated.

Alcohol has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier as well as the blood placental barrier. Nearly 98% of the alcohol is oxidized in liver and a very minimal amount actually escapes metabolism in liver. The excretion of alcohol occurs through the kidney and lungs. For this reason the urinalysis drug screening cannot miss out the presence of alcohol in the urine. However, urinalysis of alcohol is not indicative of actual blood concentration of alcohol at any point in time; though it can still give a partial clue regarding the presence of alcohol after 90 to 120 minutes of consumption of alcohol.

Urinalysis test for alcohol in the form of test strips definitely does yield some result; however proven and more efficient are the breathalyzer tests, which in most cases is directly related to the blood concentration of alcohol at any point in time. However, breathalyzer readings may prove to be less fruitful after several hours of alcohol consumption. Breathalyzer results are valid as long as the alcohol content is present in the blood. Urinalysis test for alcohol comes to prove the consumption by the person put to test even after several hours of consumption. The end metabolite of alcohol in urine can give a clue about the sobriety status of the victim even after the breathalyzer shows a negative reading. This is particularly useful for those lying about alcohol withdrawal after a relapse.

The reason for strict regulation of alcohol consumption is that even moderate drinking causes nausea, vomiting, flushing, hangover and above all road traffic accidents. Further acute alcohol intoxication leads to hypotension, collapse, respiratory depression, gastritis, hypoglycemia, coma and death.

Urine analysis is very simple procedure which can be performed using a simple urinalysis test kit. All you have to do is to procure the samples which can be tested in the integrated test cups with inbuilt reagent mechanism for indicating color changes that is indicative of the presence of alcohol in urine. The color change can be read using the standard color chart that comes along with the kit.

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