Addiction a moral problem

Generally, Addiction is a term used to explain that incapability to end a particular habit. We apply it to portray smoking, alcohol, drugs, eating and even gambling. Addictive activities come in several structures however there is a query as to whether it is an ethical problem or not. Continue reading

Post-Incident Drug Testing In Work Place Accidents

One of the most common features of drug abuse is the lack of concentration. This lack of concentration is associated with a lot of work place of accidents. This type of work place accidents tend to cost the company in terms of health and accident coverage for insurance. Post-incident drug testing is based on this fact.

This is done in places where any work place accident has occurred. The main purpose of this drug testing is not to expel the person but to cut the costs of insurance if the person met with accident due to hang over or when under the influence of drugs of abuse.

Say for instance, you are informed that one of your employees while working at the construction site met with some accident. When you go there and do a drug testing using the person’s sample and it shows positive for alcohol, then you can strongly prove the point that the accident occurred due to the personal habit of that person and you need not pay the medical cover from your company.

One important fact to be noted is that you can prove it from your side only if the drug is found in either blood or saliva. These are the body secretions that indicate recent drug use. Whereas the other formats of drug testing detect past drug use too which makes it non feasible to use them. You should remember that you have to do a confirmatory testing of the samples again in some registered laboratory.

Ten panel drug screen, twelve panel drug test, five panel drug screen test, 30 alcohol drug testing are some of the methods of testing that are basically considered for use in the preliminary testing of the samples. In serious cases blood testing or saliva preliminaries are done if they are not able to get urine sample from the donor.

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Euphoria In Drug Addiction – 10 Panel Drug Screen

Whenever an individual uses a drug, they may go into a depressed state and they experience a feeling of euphoria. Euphoria is a very pleasurable experience. Human nature will cause a person to want more, they like the feeling and want to repeat the experience. There are two types of cells that comprise the nervous system-glial cell called as gila cells and nerve cells. There are some 10 to 50 times more gila cells that neuron cells in the system. The gila are important because they help to provide fitness and structure to the brain, distribute nutrients to the system and they eliminate waste. The gila make up the blood brain barrier, which separates blood from the fluid that surrounds the neurons.

This is important because the barrier allows some chemicals to pass through, but not all. A psychoactive drug is capable of passing through this barrier while other are blocked. So the blood-brain barrier allows the drug to filter through and the neurons gather and transmit the information and the person repeats to get the feeling of euphoria over and over when the drug passes to the brain. This causes the drug’s unintended consequences. It is not very difficult for companies to identify your addictive behavior by a few basic 10 drug panel screen or twelve panel drug test to refine down to what you are actually addicted to.

As they have started to know the feeling of euphoria, after the effects of a drug wear off, the user may be tempted to take more of it to experience the same effect again. So when you really enjoy the effects of either recreational drug or a prescription drug, then you may possibly become dependent and addicted to them leading to prescription drug abuse.

Any kind of addiction can be effectively identified, be it in athletes with drug test on athletes or with at home drug test for teen.

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