Effective Treatment Approaches

Effective treatment is the primary need for the recovery of drugs. Though effective treatments are available yet most of the people do not know how to approach an effective treatment. It is essential to be familiar with the kinds of treatment available. The treatment is mostly either medication based or counseling based one. Either it can be exploited singly or blended to make effective treatment. Continue reading

Do you have drug addicting personality? – I cup drug test

There are some people with addictive personality. They go addict on silly things such as chocolates, games like casino, alcohol, movies, toys and drugs. What is an addiction mean in common? Addiction generally mean a compulsive behavior to self possess the entire thing what they like. It may be living thing or non living thing. People just go crazy over the things they like and become habitual. Drug is one kind of addiction that is made as compulsory behavior in the abuser. They become more vulnerable to self destructive. Continue reading

Nicotine Testing

Tobacco smoking is dangerous not only for smokers but also for second hand passive smokers who live in close contact with the chronic smokers. Tobacco use alone claims nearly 4.9 million respiratory related deaths world wide and leads to an increased frequency of communicable and non-communicable diseases. Nicotine is the principle compound in tobacco that produces habituation and finally addiction in the form of smoking or chewing. The tobacco urine test shows the presence of nicotine in urine. The urine test serves to detect cotinine which is a metabolite of nicotine that is found in the urine of habitual tobacco users.

Nicotine in small amounts is used as ganglion stimulant, which selectively acts as nicotinic agonists. Though they are available as transdermal therapeutic systems, over usage of tobacco is strictly discouraged owing to the fact that it is the major culprit of the respiratory related deaths particularly TB. So any person or any employee who is addicted to smoking is bound to incur a lot of losses in regard to health related expenses. That’s the reason why a smoking test would help to rule out the use of tobacco by anybody.

The smokers cause damage not only for themselves but also for the people around them in many ways as the smoke that is exhaled after burning tobacco contains more number of carcinogens than the normal tobacco smoke. Thus even if the employees in any work place do not smoke tobacco, yet they are exposed to the hazardous effects of tobacco smoking without their knowledge. The presence of nicotine can also be detected by blood nicotine test.

The highly diffusible character of nicotine makes it to reach the blood stream in a short duration of time. Once in the blood stream, they actively enter the brain through the cerebral blood flow and produce its actions there. It stimulates the nicotinic receptors that give the tobacco users a feeling of being good. It is the same phenomenon that leads to drug habituation and finally withdrawal symptoms once you quit smoking. The blood test for nicotine provides you with the exact details about the status of nicotine in the body.

The half life of nicotine is just an hour after which it is metabolized in the liver to cotinine and is found in blood for another 24 hours before being excreted in urine. So the cigarette blood test is efficient only if the person has smoked a cigarette very recently in a day or before that.