Drug testing policy and technique

Drug testing Laboratories and collection spots as well have techniques to decide if the candidate has tried to change the test sample by intake of too much water, contaminating the sample, or by means of some type of product that is sold in the expect it will facade drug exploit. Continue reading

Researches on saliva drug testing

Saliva drug test detection is considered as the alternative test for urine drug test. The frequent uses of saliva sample have substituted the urine and blood drug testing. Saliva drug testing possesses both pros and cons. The advantage of saliva drug testing is less expensive, less persistent and less risk of infection. Sample collection procedure is very easy and simple compared to the urine sample collection. Disadvantage of saliva drug testing is the viability of sample lasts for only 72 hours. Saliva drug testing requires more advanced technique for effective testing. Continue reading

Mouth Swab Drug Test

Mouth swab drug test is by far developing into the very general way of drug test taken on by many businesses. The swab drug test is healthier for most of the pre-employment drug testing requirements. This is a favorable way because the sample adulteration is going to be not easy in cases of saliva where a guilty donor tries to replace the sample with adulteration materials.


There can be no possibilities for the donor to complain of feeling bad about donating the sample, because saliva is pretty easily obtainable anytime and there is not going to be any strain in providing a sample of saliva. It will be there around the time and saliva can be provided on-site without the need to hide in a bathroom to provide the sample.


Corporations and a number of testing places are finding it complicated to witnesses urine testing, for reasons related to intrusion of privacy, but for drug tests with saliva it is going to be a very simple task to check the whole procedure.


There are several companies that do not drug test believing that it is an additional bill to the company, but they fail to consider the probable complications associated with additional insurance costs to the company, theft in the work place, work place accidents, failed follow up of schemes, reduction in development, breakdown to meet the time limitations for projects and ultimately loss of payment from customers and lot more.


Oral drug screen technique on a periodic planned basis or random basis is one of the fewer offensive ways to deal with employees in verification. Oral drug test is something that employees might be comfortable eliminating a part of the offensive deals about having to provide urine samples very frequently – intrusion of privacy.

There is a general indifference and upset situation between responsible and irresponsible employees about having to piss for a test. While the test sample can be substituted by swab drug testing techniques, they will reasonably feel easy or in many instances be upset to a lesser degree to provide a saliva sample.

Any type of random drug testing is made without informing the student, athlete or employee that they are going to be drug tested. It is made without any previous statement of dates or actions.

This is made chiefly to avoid employees from abusing any longer or in stopping them from going behind techniques to pass drug tests; though, abusers are seeking their high from metabolites that disappear from their body very quickly and they are becoming particular about the drugs they abuse in a way trying flushing techniques to stop being caught in random drug tests.

However, despite all the flushing methods, people are close to realizing that any integrated testing methodology will catch them diluting their sample with flushing methods.  If you are trying flushing techniques be sure to pretest it is peeping up in sample integrity test kits.

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