Drug Testing – Casual Drugs Users – Pregnant Women Drug Testing

Drug use and drug testing is increasingly becoming common. Not all the anti-drug abuse programs structured by the government were able to put an end to the abuse in full. It has achieved some success though. Continue reading

Mannerisms of a drug addict

Drug addiction makes the user to involve in criminal activities and their mannerism completely changes. A worker, who is by means of drugs, will try to hide his addiction. Particularly a worker who is abusing by means of intravenous injection and they will aim to wrap the reality up by wearing long sleeves, even when the climate does not demand it. The user will not permit anyone to notice their arms because there will be needle marks, blemish and discoloration that are all revealing indications of drug abuse and dependence. Continue reading

Amphetamines Are Psychotropic Drugs – Piss Testing For Amphetamine

Amphetamines are psychotropic drugs that act on the synapses by increasing the concentration of dopamine and nor epinephrine neurotransmitters. They have a positive stimulant action on the nervous and the cardiovascular system. It can be consumed in a number of ways namely smoking, sniffing or ingestion. The mode of ingestion determines the time of appearance of the drug in the body fluids. Continue reading

Phencyclidine Drug Testing Is Available In Multiple Combinations

PCP or phencyclidine which was earlier used as an anesthetic agent has now been replaced by newer drugs. But it still rules the cartel mechanism as it has potent stimulatory and hallucinogenic properties. It is used for the purpose of recreation especially in parties, etc. One of the characteristic effects which it produces is disassociation. By this effect, the person seems to lose contact with his body and the whole surroundings by blocking the action of glutamate on its receptor. Continue reading

Saliva Drug Testing

Saliva drug testing info is related to the blood concentration of the parent drug or its ionic metabolite in the unbound or ionized form. The saliva concentrations are therefore the true level of the circulating drugs levels. However, if we should extrapolate the blood drug concentrations by using the saliva concentrations we will have to have the instantaneous reading of the saliva pH. The concentrations of a drug in saliva swab drug test can be extremely high when the method of administration of the drug is by smoking of the drugs like marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines etcetera.

When the appropriate saliva cutoff concentrations are employed in cases of saliva vs urine drug testing the higher the amount of drug when compared to the concentration in the urine, the more it is indicative of a recent use. Increased concentration in saliva is because the drug is still in the process of metabolism. Low concentration in the urine is due to the fact that the drug is still undergoing metabolism to be showing up in the urine. So, a high saliva concentration and low urine concentration is a positive indication of recent drug usage.

In cases of drug testing mouth swab most of the saliva testing should be done after a 10 minute direct observation period during which the donor will not smoke, consume food, and drink beverage or water. This is done as a measure to be avoiding probably adulteration of the sample by using dilution techniques of mouthwash etcetera. The concept behind this approach is that a person cannot retain saliva in the mouth for more than 3 minutes despite all that they try to control on swallowing the saliva. So in cases donors have tried using solid powders of liquid solutions to show negative in the test, the saliva will be swallowed in to the system, giving a truly viable sample for the testing. After this 10 minute observation period, there is not going to be any need for rinsing the mouth.

The saliva drug testing has found wide applications in therapeutic drug level monitoring, the insurance industry and the transportation industry; and in several other places that warrant drug testing as a part of their workplace monitoring programs. The parent drug is the principal analyte of all the drug testing programs. Interestingly, the drug detection time in the saliva is longer in the plasma, in saliva testing either the parent compound or the pyrolytic compound of the parent drug can be easily tracked, and this makes saliva testing dependable for drug testing in workplace.

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