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How to pass a drug test is the query for more people facing each and every day. Employee drug screenings is getting higher, company has their unique regulations and random drug testing is frequently a state of employment. Continue reading

Researches on saliva drug testing

Saliva drug test detection is considered as the alternative test for urine drug test. The frequent uses of saliva sample have substituted the urine and blood drug testing. Saliva drug testing possesses both pros and cons. The advantage of saliva drug testing is less expensive, less persistent and less risk of infection. Sample collection procedure is very easy and simple compared to the urine sample collection. Disadvantage of saliva drug testing is the viability of sample lasts for only 72 hours. Saliva drug testing requires more advanced technique for effective testing. Continue reading

Saliva Drug Screening

The advantage of saliva drug screening is that the sample can be used in the same way as it is collected and does not require any treatment prior to testing. More over the drugs can be detected in saliva immediately after use and it resembles blood in terms of drug detection.

They are more convenient in terms of sample collection and it is very difficult to adulterate or replace the sample. You need not have any bathroom facilities for the collection of the samples and it can be collected at any time and at any place. The disadvantage of urinalysis drug testing is that you have to provide the person with the bathroom facility where there are a lot of chances for sample substitution. But saliva drug test can be done even in front of everyone. You can just take an oral swab and do drugs test.

Further you need not wait for the drug to appear in urine after getting metabolized. The drug can be detected just after the consumption of drug. if you happen to see a young guy taking a tablet of MDMA and then see him getting into his car. Now as a cop you have the responsibility to stop this guy racing down the streets killing few. But how would you do this! You can effectively use saliva drug testing. Saliva drug test detection closely resembles the results obtained from blood drug testing. The accuracy is as high as that of urine drug testing.

The common drugs that can be detected in saliva are THC, crack, opiates, MDMA, and benzodiazepines. But the duration of detection is lesser than that of urine drug testing. The vital of saliva drug test information includes the instances when you would need saliva drug testing. It can be done as a pre employment drug testing, random drug testing, return to duty test, post accident test and under the grounds of reasonable suspicion.

You can do any type of drug testing after getting a saliva drug test kit. The entire procedure is very simple and does not require any urine handling yet you can get instant lessons. It is also cost effective and you need not waste your valuable time traveling to the laboratory. You can even take the kit to the remote location and perform the test there without any deviation in the accuracy of the results.

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