Saliva Drug Test Marijuana – Afford A Rehabilitation Program

Not all are able to afford a rehabilitation program. With increasing costs of drug rehabilitation treatments, people are looking for economic methods to deal with addiction. Life is not to be lot due to addiction to drugs. Continue reading

Random drug Testing Procedures

In recent years, drink drive have increased and resulted in lot of vehicular accidents and fatalities. US government has taken necessary steps in order to prevent those accidents and deaths. Random drug testing is the valid program that has been implanted in almost in all highways. The random drug testing in drivers will test for random breathe test. Continue reading

Researches on saliva drug testing

Saliva drug test detection is considered as the alternative test for urine drug test. The frequent uses of saliva sample have substituted the urine and blood drug testing. Saliva drug testing possesses both pros and cons. The advantage of saliva drug testing is less expensive, less persistent and less risk of infection. Sample collection procedure is very easy and simple compared to the urine sample collection. Disadvantage of saliva drug testing is the viability of sample lasts for only 72 hours. Saliva drug testing requires more advanced technique for effective testing. Continue reading