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Those who have had past results that showed up positive in drug testing are common targets in the list of candidates put in random drug screening. Drug testing is widely implemented in workplaces these days. There are very few reputed institutions where drug testing is not there.

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Random Drug Testing For Drugs – Healthy Workforce

Drug testing is in various formats. One of the most effective ways to test for drugs is to do a random drug testing for drugs. It is used in a number of ways. It can be used by schools to screen their students, in corporations, in defence, in prisons, borstals, fire departments, government institutions, law enforcement agencies etc. Another important use of this drug testing is done on teens by their parents especially when they doubt that their teens are addicted to any of the drugs of abuse.

Random drug testing is the testing of drugs in any group or groups without any prior planning. It tests for the presence of a number of drugs in the body. The person who has to be tested is drawn using a random assigning of numbers.

Random drug testing is one of the most attractive ways to combat illicit drug abuse among teens. This makes it more popular among parents and teachers especially of the teens who are put up in boarding schools. It is reported in the British journal of general practice that around three-fourths of the schools in UK have some sort of drug and alcohol abuse.

Another important use of random drug testing is the testing of the employees drawing random numbers. Though few experts say that it is a breach in the privacy of any individual yet random drug testing has been very effective in controlling the abuse of drugs and has helped in maintaining a healthy workforce.

Random drug testing is mainly done with standard urine drug test kit or Oratect oral screening products. Marijuana oratect swab test is reported to show up top positives. Specimen validity testing is also important in random testing, because there are donors who tend to donate artificial sample even during random testing process.

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Random Drug Testing

The primary advantage of Random drug testing is pretty obvious in that it helps you better decide on what you will have to test and whether it will be appropriate for your company to have that test done.  Screening drug testing is very crucial in the following areas because in security sensitive jobs substance abuse might endanger property and lives of people and therefore drug testing in high risk jobs is a great dire need.

In cases where the mandatory drug testing is not done with absolute confidentiality then the privileged information of the employee might be jeopardized.  If the competitor companies are organizing kind of urine testing for alcohol and drugs or any other forms of drug testing you will be left back in competition because they will land up having seasoned employees that are competitive because they are drug free and you will be hanging on with few clients and less improvement because some of the important employees in your team might be abusing drugs.  So, drug testing in a workplace is very crucial.

If the industry in which you are running your business is heavily affected with people that abuse substances and show chemical dependency then you have to make sure that all your employees are receptive and abiding by the norms of the drug testing policies of the company.  You cannot spare those that are refusing to take up the drug tests, because it is a matter of security of the company you need to make sure that you have them agree to it.  To be on the safer side you need to have all your employees sign up an agreement to abide by the rules and drug testing regulations of the company in addition to agreeing to other work place requirements.

Testing job applicants is yet another need in employers that decide to test applicants for drug abuse with generally offering a conditional employment offer where the employee will be eligible to join the company if they pass the drug test.  When employers are making regular drug testing there is a possibility for applicants to engage in test clean methods by refraining from drug use for a period of time or by using drug passing techniques.  Therefore, it is very important for the employee to continue periodic random drug testing on their employees to make sure that they are legit and working without abuse even after getting appointed.

Call toll free 1-877-281-9756 or international toll free: 1-864-631-7371 or write to info@rapiddrugdetection.com to know more about random drug testing methods for THC and other substances.

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Drug Testing

Owing to the increasing amount of stress in the present work scenario, the number of people opting for pain relievers as the resort for beating stress is increasing. The pain relievers or analgesics are potent compounds that produce immediate pain relief. But long term usage of such drugs like opiates, PCP, etc leads to abuse of the drug resulting in drug dependence and addiction. Cocaine, THC, etc also can be included under this. Such people who are addicted to drugs have low productivity, abseentism, health problems, and increased medical claims resulting in a loss for the company; Screening by drug testing is the procedure that is carried for detecting the drugs of abuse in the body of a suspect.

As an employer you would surely wish to have a drug free work place. But it is possible to drug every person specifically for specific drugs as you would not know that what type of drug that your employees are using. Moreover different drugs have different pharmacokinetics and different cut off concentrations. This obstacle is overcome by devising the random drug testing which is done using multi drug specific panel. It contains large number of strips like 10 or 12 that tests for alcohol, amphetamines, PCP, THC, cocaine, codeine, nicotine, heroine, methadone, etc.

These tests are based on the simple chemical reactions that can be read visually without the requirement of any special apparatus. The urine samples are the most commonly used samples. The reason is that it is easy to obtain, non invasive and moreover it is the major excretory pathway for most of the drugs in our system. The kind of urine testing done differs in relation to the metabolite that requires to be detected. Some of the drugs can be tested by dipping the strips in urine whereas for testing pregnancy it can be done in a stream of urine.

It has become mandatory for many companies to undergo a mandatory drug testing before taking employment as per the drug testing policy of the company. In many companies random drug testing is done on various unexpected situations.

Though some critics say that it is unethical to intrude into the privacy of an individual, it can not be denied that drug testing in high risk jobs is essential like navy, army, flying, government jobs, high profile jobs, etc. such a pre employment drug testing would rule out the use of drugs from any work place and reduce the various health hazards related to it apart from increasing the company’s productivity.