Consequences of over dose drugs – Urinalysis drug test

The common victim for over dose drug abuse is children. To save children from accidental drug overdose threat, all drugs must be piled up in containers with child resistant lids. All drugs must be out of children’s view and contact if possible drugs can be in a locked cupboard. Prescribed medications must be used according to instructions and alone by the one whose name is on the prescription label. Intimidation of suicide must to be taken sincerely and must seek right help hunted for people with misery or additional mental complaints which may show the way to commit suicide. Continue reading

Significant information about morphine – morphine drug test

Morphine drug is the narcotic drug which is prescribed for treating mild pains. It is very important to know about the morphine abuse and its effects. Morphine is addicted to overcome the pain experienced by various works and is commonly used by athletes. They are abused for long term which produces certain side effects. Continue reading

Symptoms for drug addiction – testing for drug abuse

When a person has a drug addiction there are many indications to be awake about it. The drug addiction symptoms listed below are common possible indications. Possessing merely a few of these symptoms does not constantly involve that the individual is suffering as of a drug addiction. Even though, if the people possess more than a few and the possible symptoms, drug addiction is a distress where it indicates to be aware and helpful in their way of drug addiction healing. Continue reading

Mass Spectrometry

Mass spectrometry is the quantitative technique employed in drug testing process.MS is widely applied in the detection of petroleum products monitoring blood during surgery, etc. in drug testing to detect the drugs in the sample immuno assay is employed. MS is applied in the second step of test which is used to predict the level of drugs and its metabolites present in the sample. The substance in the sample is detected on the basis of their mass. Continue reading