Drug Testing Kits -Productive Work Force

Those who have had past results that showed up positive in drug testing are common targets in the list of candidates put in random drug screening. Drug testing is widely implemented in workplaces these days. There are very few reputed institutions where drug testing is not there.

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Drug addiction in federal employees and the effect of being caught

Drug addictions have targeted the federal employees too. Federal government is focusing on the elimination of drug addiction. To enhance the elimination lot of drug testing programs and rehab programs have imposed. Though there are certain federal employees getting addicted to drugs and alcohol. As the drug addiction has become usual among workers and federal employees are also attracted towards it. Continue reading

Pre employment drug testing – Urine Drug Testing

Pre employment drug testing is the most effective screening tool employed by the employers for the selection of the appropriate candidates for their company. It is a proven fact that long term usage of drugs and alcohol affects the higher centers of learning in brain leading to decreased responsiveness, poor concentration, lack of orientation, poor coordination and above all, the incidence of work place accidents are more among the people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. It is for this reason that employers want to screen the candidates for drug abuse. Continue reading