Methamphetamine De-Addiction – Oralert Drug Screen

Understand the effects of methamphetamine, why it is addictive and how to overcome addiction to methamphetamine.  You need to know what crystal meth is all about and how to help a family or friend who is addicted to crystal meth to cope and overcome the addiction. Continue reading

Saliva drug detection times for drugs – swab drug testing

The most frequently abused drugs by a person can be detected in saliva sample which includes marijuana, THC, heroin, cocaine and amphetamines and alcohols too. Saliva drug testing possesses both pros and cons. Saliva drug test depends on the drug detection times. The detection time for alcohol is from the time of ingestion to 12 hours. For Amphetamines the time taken to detect is less than hour following ingestion up to 3 days. Continue reading