Standard drug test in companies

More job candidates are discovering that piece of the application process regarding a pre-employment drug test. A huge number of Fortune 500 companies drug testing is carried out, as well as a rising number of lesser firms. Continue reading

Significant information about marijuana – drug testing THC

Marijuana is the names known to the Cannabis sativa plant once it is used as a drug. THC is the active ingredient in marijuana. The outward show of marijuana is based on the way of administration and it often look like tobacco. Superior quality marijuana is prepared using only the blossoming buds of the plant, whereas other marijuana might comprise leaves, stems, and seeds. Marijuana may be either green or brown, or grayish in color. Continue reading

Misuse Of Medical Marijuana

As per the study conducted in US marijuana has great potential for misuse. Marijuana possesses exhilarating medical value. The medicinal value of marijuana was explored in ancient period. Various countries use marijuana for different therapeutic purpose. Marijuana contains THC, cannabidol, and neuroprotective antioxidant as the active component. It was widely used as anti inflammatory agent to treat inflammation. Moreover it is aid in the treatment of anxiety, nausea, cancer and convulsion. The route of administration of medical marijuana is by inhalation, drinking, and smoking. The herbal extracts are provided in the form of pill. Continue reading

Opinions about marijuana in the bible

Religious use of marijuana was strongly supported by the Judeo – Christian. Bible states that hemp was the holy plant created and blessed by God (genesis 1:12). The bible speaks about a special plant which is treated as healing tree. Moreover the plant was created for celebrity and it should not be used for hunger. Hemp plant was found on the either side of the river and has healing power. So every people in ancient time believed hemp plant as a gift from God. Continue reading

Marijuana drug test (THC test)

While marijuana has some medicinal importance in being a pain killer, its associated addictive behavior cannot be denied either.  Its consumption is judged to be illegal.  There are several terms related to marijuana and they are considered to be joint, blunt, bong or pipe.

All of these are the methods that people would want to consume. While a cigarette is rolled with marijuana it is named a joint and while a cigar is rolled with marijuana it is named a blunt. Marijuana can as well be smoked via a pipe or a bong. Marijuana is as well identified as cannabis, ganja, grass, Mary Jane, pot, skunk, smoke, weed, etc.


The chemical THC that is identified as Tetrahydrocannabinol is known to be very vigorous.  This in turn triggers enjoyable feelings as explained by those who consume marijuana. There are numerous tell tales signs that will aid to decide that the person is high on marijuana. THC is the primary active component in cannabinoids (marijuana). While ingested or smoked, it creates ecstatic effects.


Consumers tend to develop a destruction of short-term memory and THC consumption indeed slows learning between the  various losses linked with drug consumption in the workplace the reduces productivity, workers compensation claims, insurance claims and onsite accidents are truly troublesome as these straightly hit the status of the company. To avoid such disasters and to avoid hiring irrelevant abusive employees, their respective company formulates marijuana drug test in a way to be safe on the side effect.


THC test is greatly helpful for employers, as it helps in preserving a safe working atmosphere for employees causes the productivity to go up.  Marijuana drug testing will help one to maintain a strong jobsite and therefore ensures that employees are protected, well, and working to the best of their capability. It is simple to process and as well serves to be an ideal onsite laboratory in most instances.


You will come across various kinds of marijuana drug test kits and they are hair drug tests, urine drug tests, and saliva drug tests and spray drug tests all of which contain their individual pros and cons. 


Amongst these marijuana drug test kits, the urine drug test is the most famous for marijuana drug testing both at residence and in the workplace. The dipstick, or other testing tool is focused to the gather urine sample and the results are shown within a few minutes. The testing is simple to apply and the drug testing kits aid the upset families cover up whether or not their child is abusing drugs and it will assist with the essential and cautious actions which will aid them to knock down on their drug pressure.

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Test for Cannabinoids and Marijuana

Cannabinoids originate from dried flowers, resin or leaves in cannabis plant.  The plant contains THC.  The alternate names for cannabinoids include marijuana, weed and pot. The effects of cannabinoids are difficulty concentrating, impaired motor skills, slow reflexes, apathy, reduced coordination and concentration, and dryness of mouth.  Testing for cannabinoids is important for confirming mental and physical wellbeing. Marijuana drug test and Cannabinoid drug test is a crucial element in most of the pre-employment drug testing.

Marijuana is the most widely abused drug in the US.  Urine Cannabinoid testing permitting performance of the test in non-laboratory settings like in probation offices, industrial locations, and schools have been formed and most of them like test for marijuana can be performed without any kind of technical experience on the testing methods.

However, those that are going to interpret the test results should be those that are probably aware of the pitfalls of such test methods.  In cases, where the test results are being used for counseling or in determining the compliance of the patient in abstaining from marijuana then the tests should be determined and interpreted by an expert rather than someone that has no technical knowledge about it.

It should be noted that in some cases of passive inhalation of marijuana the test result is likely to be positive.  So, in such cases a legit and reasonable consideration of the lower limit values for illegal positives should be set in deciding and confirming positive testing for marijuana.

There are test strips available to test for marijuana in single as a single panel drug test or there are also test strips that are made available for testing for marijuana and other illegal drugs of abuse as multiple panel drug tests like single panel drug test, two panel drug tests, three panel drug test etcetera.  Based on the combination of drugs that the company or an individual is interested in having tested they can make the purchase accordingly.

In cases where the test is being done due to non-productivity of the candidate, it is always advisable to be doing multiple panel drug tests because the resultant non-productivity can be related to something that is not just related to marijuana and it can be related to poly drug abuse and sometimes abuse of some other drug other than marijuana.  The positive result of any kind of basic immunoassay is just a yes or no answer and it should be confirmed by alternative confirmatory test methods.

Call toll free 1-877-281-9756 or international toll free: 1-864-631-7371 or write to to know more about integrity drug testing methods for marijuana and other substances.

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