Drug Test – Prescription Drug Abuse And Addiction

Drug test is a test done for checking the presence of certain drugs in the urine, saliva, sweat, or hair either by therapeutic drug intake or prescription drug abuse and addiction or by intentional drug use. The samples of urine, saliva, sweat or hair is examined to know the use of drugs by the individuals currently and also to see if there has been any previous usage of drugs. A simple way to check the current drug use is a blood or breath test. To determine the previous use of drugs, urine test or hair test will be more appropriate.

How it works: A sample is collected and it is sealed properly to ensure that it is not tampered in the transit. The labs usually do not accept any samples which are tampered. The traces of various illegal drugs or the metabolites left behind by them are examined in a drug test. The sample so collected is first made testable as per the medical requirements. There are 2 phases of drug testing in sports or for any other reason. The first one is immunoassay test which is also known as screening test and the second one is confirmation test. Those samples that report positive in the immunoassay test are alone put through the confirmation test as they are very expensive. False positive drug test result might also be subject to immunoassay.

Other samples which are reported negative are not subjected to confirmation test. Sometimes, the samples may show false positive in the screening test. In these cases, the confirmation test will prove it to be negative.

False positive drug test conditions: These may be associated with intake of certain foods and medications. For example, intake of drugs containing ibuprofen will show a positive result for marijuana. Another example is poppy seeds and medications containing codeine will give a positive result for morphine.

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