DOT drug testing

In recent decade’s lot of vehicular accidents have been recorded in national highways. The accidental cases so far analyzed have reported that it had taken place due to the drug abuse and alcohol abuse while driving. Lot of restricted drugs is abused by the truck drivers and other drivers which is the root cause for the vehicular accidents in national highways. Continue reading

Employer Drug Testing

Drug testing in the workplace pros and cons is based on the quality of the result that one does get for the 4 major questions for any employer drug test.
• Are drugs involved in the non-productivity of an employee?
• What is the amount of drug the employee did take?
• When was the drug actually taken? Was it long back? Or it was somewhere in the near past?
• In cases of accidents at work, is the accident related to drug usage?

The choice of the test methods is specific to the target analyte and the sensitivity and the specificity of the test method is also a major need. The choice of the specimen to be tested is chosen based on the knowledge of the pharmacokinetics and distribution of the drug in the blood, saliva, urine, sweat and hair. Some test methods and choice of specimens is done because the target analyte will have a longer half life in the saliva than in other compounds, and in some cases the specimen to be tested for the employer drug testing will be based on less chance to dilute the sample.

For example in random drug testing in the workplace, the target analyte cocaine in the urine can also be tested on the basis of metabolites like benzoylecgonine and ecgonine methyl ester than just choosing a test method that will identify parent cocaine in the urine. Huge amounts of parent cocaine are not usually found in the urine. So, when the drug testing is targeted to the exact cocaine parent analyte saliva testing should be chosen, because that detects more of parent analyte than just metabolites. So, the choice of specimen based on the target analyte should be modified per needs of the testing.

Abused drugs are in most cases injected or inhaled in order to increase the bioavailability of the drug and to avoid first pass metabolism, which will inactivate the drug in the liver. In cases where the drug has been snorted drug will be detected in the nares and burns to lips and fingers are also common in cases of snorting. When the employees are being drug testing, such external indications should also be considered and special focus should be had on them in cases they are also non-productive and a close attention should be given to such people when the samples are being collected to prevent dilution. There are pro and cons of workplace drug testing and interestingly the con outweigh pros after the availability of integrated test method where dilution can be instantly caught up with.

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