Detection Period Of Drugs Is What Companies Drug Test Tend To Focus On

Drug testing is done by a number of employers for screening their employees. The most commonly used sample is the urine. The collection of urine is relatively simple. Though you need to provide a rest room for the procedure, yet it is purely a non invasive process. The process of drug testing is also very simple. One important thing that needs to be noted when it comes to drug testing is the detection period of drugs is what companies drug test tend to focus on. It is essentially the time interval during which the drug can be detected. When the donor is being tested it is important to check for the probable abuse before the metabolic phase of the drug is complete eventually leading to flushing out after the detection period.

Every drug that is taken inside the body appears in blood after crossing its site of absorption, then it acts on its site of action after circulating for sometime and then gets metabolized and finally disappears from blood. This time of disappearance is called the half life of the drug. After its metabolism, the drug or its metabolite is excreted in urine. Then it can be detected in urine for sometime till it gets completely excreted and can not be detected. This detection period for drugs is different for each drug or to broadly say for each class of drugs involved in drug testing in jobs of fortune 500 companies drug testing and in all employee drug testing companies.

A thorough knowledge is essential about these detection periods to detect the drug accurately. If you want to detect drugs listed in the SAMHSA stand 5 panel drug testing, then you need only 2 days to get the results. Drugs that have shorter duration of detection denote more of recent ingestion than the drugs that have longer detection periods.

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