Celebrity Drug Interventions Fails- Drug Test Procedure

The reason behind why celebrity drug interventions fail is very simple the whole world interferes. The media is constantly following up on the progress of addiction, the internet forums and social networks are full of opinions and celebrities, simply not left in peace to recover. They dare to give up on the social status they have built up until date and eventually, the treatment fails. Continue reading

Teenage Prescription Drug Abuse Is Increasing At An Alarming Rate

Children are widely affected by the drug addiction. Addiction mainly spoils the education of the children. A child with the background of drug addiction is considered to be at high risk. Addiction impairs the cognitive ability and reasoning ability. Moreover drug addicted child lacks attention in the class and fail to gain the knowledge. Education is mainly deals with reasoning and cognitive ability of a child. As the drug targets the brain function and alters the chemicals responsible for the thinking and reasoning. Continue reading