Drug and alcohol abuse during pregnancy – alcohol drug testing

Almost 4 percent of pregnant women in the United States exploit illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, Ecstasy and other amphetamines, and heroin. Other illicit drugs possibly will create a variety of threat for pregnant women and their children. a little of these drugs can cause a infant to be born too small or premature birth, or to have withdrawal symptoms, birth imperfection or knowledge and behavioral problems. Continue reading

Cotinine Tests

Cigarette smoking is a serious global issue which is one of the major risk factor for the development of chronic respiratory diseases. It comes under the modifiable risk factor that is governed by globalization, urbanization, and westernization. In a survey conducted among 747603 adolescents worldwide, the smoking percent was 17.3% on a global average with a round 22.2% in the USA while 11.4% in the western pacific region. This is why cotinine tests are routinely conducted for a variety of occasions.

Cotinine itself is not harmful by itself. Cotinine is just a metabolite of nicotine. The only source of cotinine for humans is tobacco. So if you can measure the cotinine levels in your blood, then you can assess the tobacco habit of that person. Tobacco smoking causes around 1000 known chemicals to accumulate in the body out of which at least 250 of them are carcinogenic. When there are other harmful chemicals in tobacco smoking, why do we measure cotinine levels? It is because we have the technology to detect cotinine in our body using the cotinine urine test. Since cotinine is a direct measure of tobacco smoking, you can rely on cotinine testing.

Smoking is a more serious problem than it seems to be. It not only affects the smoker but also the people around him, a phenomenon called second hand tobacco smoking. The smoke emitted from the tobacco is more dangerous than tobacco itself. So if a person stops smoking, a lot of people would be benefited from it, mainly his wife, children and the people in his workplace. But quitting smoking is tougher than giving up alcohol. You can know your status of tobacco dependence by using the cotinine urine test kit.

The first step in helping a person quit smoking is to rehabilitate them. But before that you must monitor the person’s nicotine status by doing a drug test for smoking. If the cotinine levels are very slight, then you can quit smoking through will power and taking normal medicines from your doctor. But severe cases require rigorous rehabilitation.

Drug test nicotine can be done using blood, urine or saliva. Usually people who smoke tobacco would have detectable cotinine levels whereas second hand tobacco smokers do not have detectable levels. The cotinine levels can be detected in your samples within hours after you had a cigarette. You can do this test regularly even after starting the rehabilitation therapy to monitor your condition.

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