Pre employment drug testing – Urine Drug Testing

Pre employment drug testing is the most effective screening tool employed by the employers for the selection of the appropriate candidates for their company. It is a proven fact that long term usage of drugs and alcohol affects the higher centers of learning in brain leading to decreased responsiveness, poor concentration, lack of orientation, poor coordination and above all, the incidence of work place accidents are more among the people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. It is for this reason that employers want to screen the candidates for drug abuse. Continue reading

Drug Result Screen

The drug result screen is very easy to interpret in the case of home based drug testing kits. All you have to do is to perform the test as per the instructions given in the manual that accompanies the kit. Then interpret the result using the color charts that are standardized and that comes with the kit. It is lot necessary that the person has to know a lot to interpret the result or must be trained. Any person who can perceive the color change in the strips can do the drug testing easily.

For any drug testing, you have to be clear about the motive behind it. If you are doing it on yourself or on your kid, then a simple drug test kit is enough. On the other hand, if you want to test it for a large number of people, then you have to choose accordingly. You must also take into account regarding the availability of samples, method of sample collection, number of drugs to be tested, and the cost- time factors.

Drug test system for a large number of people and for a large number of drugs can be done using the multi drug testing panel. You must be very clear about the various legal issues related to drug testing formulated by the FDA and the SAMHSA. You need not worry much if you are doing it on a home based testing, then you can simply test it without ant big considerations.

An important part of drug testing is the use of drug test kit for law enforcement. You can use it for the purpose of avoiding drug abusers racing down the streets. The DOT can use such testing kits effectively to prevent such culprits from prowling on the roads. This would put a check on the road traffic accidents that occur due to drug abusers.

Non DOT drug screen can be used for the purpose of pre employment drug testing, random drug screening, post accident testing and return to duty testing, testing for military, navy, probation, parole, testing for drugs in the adolescents, high school drug testing, etc. This drug screen is only a preliminary procedure where the drugs are tested qualitatively only. For further confirmation of the results, you have to go for mass spectrometry and gas chromatography. You must also test for the use of adulterants by the candidates for effective screening.

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