What schools can do to stop drug abuse in students – drugs of abuse testing

Students are the first and innocent victims for the drugs in the society. As the students tries to conduct new experiments with the new substance they obviously turn out to be the victim for the drugs and alcohol. Intervention and prevention activities in early stages in school can prevent the drug abuse in schools. Continue reading

Medications for treating heroin addiction – drug abuse program

Recent studies suggest that heroin addiction have hiked in recent years. Most of the private and public health concerns are looking forward to eradicate heroin drug addiction by various ways. Heroin addiction can be abolished by drug testing centers and rehab therapies functioning for drug abusers. Continue reading

10 Panel Drug Test, 10 Panel Screen

The multi-drug 10 Panel drug test is an all comprehensive, multipurpose screening test for detecting the presence Cocaine (COC), Amphetamine (AMP), Methamphetamine (M-AMP), Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Methadone (MTD), Opiates (OPI), Phencyclidine (PCP), Barbiturates (BAR), Benzodiazepines (BZD) and Tricyclic Antidepressant (TCA) in an individual urine donated for testing.


Mostly these are going to be very useful to identify workplace drug testing, drug abuse is illegal per employment law; however, there are some who justify the use and they tend to argue stating it is okay if it is within undetectable limits.


These testing methods are very simple to apply and can they are performed by following instructions which are included in the kit. The test kit pocket should just be opened before testing and proper concern should be taken not to touch the absorbent strips to eradicate the threat of polluting them that may possibly reason out leading to defective outcome.


Results can be obtained within just 3 to 8 minutes after the sample has been allowed to react with the reagent specimen.  Drug tests, which take more than 8 minutes to show the test lines to indicate positive or negative will in many cases, provide negative results.


To test 10 particular drugs in the urine sample the 10 panel screen is very helpful and it is far economical than other individual screening methods.


This test is helpful in discovering different drugs and drug metabolites in urine at a particular time. The results are exact and it provides to be a best preliminary test which can provide with a yes or no answer very quickly.  For legal documentation, the positives can be confirmed with higher levels of testing.


There cannot be any restrictions regarding where you will want to perform these tests.  These tests can be organized onsite almost anywhere.  Ten panel drug tests are excellent for company drug testing, as it can test for 10 types of various drugs and their metabolites within a few minutes, you might not be sure if you’re favorite employee did not snort marijuana if they were negative for cocaine


10-panel urine drug test process


  • Please study the enclosed particulars thoroughly.



  • Gather a urine sample in a specimen pot.


  • Verify the expiration date and take out the test tool from the sealed pocket. Do not use the strip if it has crossed the expiry date. Remove the test lid, which reveals the 10 absorbent strips. Do not touch the strips or contaminate them.


  • Wet the strips just into the urine sample for around 20-30 seconds until you are able to see the sample migrate ups the strips and diagonally the test panels should be observed to see where they show it to be positive.


  • Wet just the strips and do not allow the sample to come in contact with any other division of the test tool or its plastic borders.


  • Study result within 3 to 8 minutes subsequent to the addition of samples. Do not study the result after 8 minutes! If the drug test is gone for more than 8 minutes, the reliability of the colored lines may possibly vary or for technical causes, a pale line may possibly emerge that should not be taken as a reliable result.

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Rapid Drug Screening

Rapid drug screening should be done after a careful choice of the sample that will be used for the qualitative analysis. The choice of the test method will decide on the sample that will be collected for the drug info screen. The drug screen can be a urine drug screen or a saliva drug screen based on the testing pattern that is most suitable for the detection.

In any drug screen test the best choice of sample, collection, storage, analytical pattern and time frame for the analysis should be pre-determined. The major factor that will interfere in this decision making will be specificity of the assay. Specificity of any drug testing methodology is the competency of the test assay to identify the presence of the compound in the presence of other components that might probably cross react. The level of accuracy and the precision of the test method will be influenced by degradants, metabolism, impurities and the biological matrix.

The drug screening method has 2 steps, one is the preliminary analysis and the next is the confirmatory analysis. The preliminary analysis is mostly rapid and it will provide with a qualitative analysis which will indicate the presence of absence of a compound in the sample. Pseudo-qualitative analysis will dictate the presence or absence of a compound based on a pre-determined cutoff level. The rapid drug screening method analyses the major drug class and the exact drug entity will be identified by the confirmatory analysis. Most of the preliminary testing methods are onsite and can be done with test strips and instant testing methods that are mostly of the dipstick type that declares positives and negatives.

The rapid drug screening method detects the drugs by using antibodies that binds to the binding site of the target drug. The binding site design is unique to a particular class of drugs and the immunoassay is based on with the antibiotics that will bind to the target binding sites of the drug that is being targeted for identification by using that particular assay. A positive result for any drug testing method in an immunoassay indicates the drug to be positive, which is in all cases above the cut off concentration for the assay. Such a positive warrants further confirmatory tests. The purpose of having a cutoff concentration is to limit the number of false-positives caused by the interference by cross reacting substances.

Call toll free 1-877-281-9756 or international toll free: 1-864-631-7371 or write to info@rapiddrugdetection.com, know more about Rapid Drug Screening Methods.

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Drug Screen Testing

Drug screen kits have been repeatedly associated with the philosophy and the purpose of drug testing pretty successfully in catering to the quick needs of the national drug testing activity, legal issues of drug testing, and intake and operation issues in employment. Drug detection techniques and urine analysis are used to screen for recent use of illicit drugs. In cases of where any one that is being sent on probation, the parents of the kids are allowed to have a drug screen test kit to check their children under treatment on weekends for probable abuse.

There are many people that continue using substances even after enrolling in a treatment program. This can continue even after an entertaining and informative substance abusive training session. Identifying relapse of substance abuse in people under treatment can be accomplished by self drug screen testing recommendations apart from the drug screen tests taken officially. The self drug screening mechanism is usually onsite instrument testing.

Drug screening testing can be anything from urinalysis and saliva testing for drugs and alcohol. There are a lot of supervision plans that are available for addicts based on the level of substance abuse. Anyone that is recognized to be positive in tests is assigned respective treatment methods along with methods of monitoring of their substance use pattern. The test positive donor can be a student or employee under probation or even an employee that is an on roll staff to the corporate system.

In cases of suspects that have increasing warning under supervision and testing are subject to treatment referral. Those patients that have had increased contact and supervision and increased amount of drug testing are likely to create dilution of the samples that they donate for testing, such patients should be closely monitored on integrated test methods. In cases where the drug screening tests should be supportable for legal approaches, a formal non-waived assessment of the drugs might be warranted.

In cases where the drug abuse behavior is going to be mild, employees should consider to give the person an off from work to undergo rehabilitation, and in cases the behavior is going to be all time high an off from work with a warning can be given, and if they do not rehabilitate within the said duration, the employee can be eliminated off work. Whether an employee is partially addicted or completely addicted they are a threat to any proper functioning of an organization and they should be strictly weeded out of the official system.

Call toll free 1-877-281-9756 or international toll free: 1-864-631-7371 or write to info@rapiddrugdetection.com, know more about Drug Screen Testing.

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Drug Screening Kit

With the increasing demand for drug testing, the number of samples to be tested to be tested is increasing day by day. It is not just the number of samples but also the results are required within a short period of time. Moreover it is not feasible for every company or a person to go the laboratory every time for doing meager tests. It is for this reason drug screening kit is to be used.

For instance you have an interview next week for which they specify in the job application that you have to undergo a drug test on the same day. In the meantime you have consumed alcohol or had a dose of painkiller containing any restricted sedatives. Though you are never addicted to it, still you have to bear with your job if it turns out to be a drug positive test. You can eliminate this sense of insecurity by conducting a self drug screening using a drug screen kit.

The drug screen test kit is an affordable, easy to use and simple apparatus that have been specifically designed with inbuilt controls to provide with instantaneous results. All you have to do is to use the device in the instructed manner with the sample to be tested. The kit is made up of an environmental friendly material that can be easily disposed. Take for instance if you want to test your urine sample for any drug of restricted use, you can just take the urine in the polypropylene integrated cups that has either 4,6 , or 10 panel for testing various drugs. The presence of the drug is indicated by the change in color of the test strip which can be compared with the standard and normal color pads.

Once you assess the exact status of a drug in your body using the drug screen test kit and know about its presence, then you can adopt certain accepted methods for the elimination of the drug from the body. You can use the detox products that either increase the rate of metabolism and excretion of the drug or they successfully mask the presence of the drug.

Drug screen testing is a boon for employers to recruit only healthy and active individuals who otherwise would show less productivity. This also helps the business to progress smoothly with decreased number of ailments, absenteeism and medical claims.

Drug Screen Kit

Drugs as such do not produce any new effects in the rather they alter the rate of any process that is being carried on in the body. But certain drugs apart from producing therapeutic effects may lead to over usage or abuse which would result in cumulative toxicity. Such addiction or habituation of drugs causes serious health consequences. Drug screening helps us to detect the presence of such drugs in the body and know the exact status of the drug in the body and work further for the elimination of the same.

Drug screening fact helps in the process of job perspectives, employment availabilities, military, etc. The same drug procedure can also be used by an individual for testing on him. All you have to do is to buy the home drug testing kits and use the samples accordingly. The entire process would take very less time and proves to be cost and time effective. Once you find the presence of any particular drug in your body which you want to eliminate

Drug screening can be done in various ways using urine, blood, saliva, sweat and hair. Of all the above mentioned sites of sample collection, drug screening hair outsmarts the rest in many ways. Blood and urine though are frequently used samples for drug testing; they are constantly changing leading to the progressive loss of the drug from the body beyond detectable levels. This may give a false negative result. But the anatomy and physiology of hair is such that it permits the accumulation of the drug in the follicles over a very long period of time. so when a man who had been a cocaine drug addict 3 months back, you can still find the drug in his hair follicle.

The screening for drugs is not a huge affair. It just requires two things: the sample and the testing device. The testing device has an inbuilt indicators and strips that would change in color depending upon the type of drug present in the sample which can be compared using the standardized color chart that comes with the drug screening kit.

When it comes to drug testing for the employees, the company or the employer must have a detailed drug screening policy so that it is not discriminated and must be ethically devised. Moreover the laborers must be informed beforehand that they have to give their samples for drug testing on the day of their interview.

Drug Screen

Drug screening is a preliminary qualitative analysis done in order to assess the status of any drug of abuse in the body of the suspected individual or as a pre employment testing. The process of drug testing at home was introduced to help parents to monitor their teens with respect to alcohol or drug abuse. Today this technique is more widely used in work places by the employers to keep their work places drug free. This has been made possible by the drug screen kits that are available in a variety of forms.

The drug screen test is a simple procedure that produces accurate results within 5 minutes. The samples that are commonly used are urine, blood and saliva. Sweat and hair can also be used. These simple to use kits are based on the principles of lateral flow immuno-chromatographic assay. Every drug has a minimum cut off concentration that has to be reached in the body before they can be detected. This depends upon the half life of the drug, metabolism and excretion of the drug.

All you have to do is to collect the samples and use the testing strips or panels for the presence of the drugs suspected. Drug screen testing can be done either for a single drug or for a combination of drugs. The strips have 2 lines namely the test and the control lines. The test strip has to be dipped in the sample up to the indicated level. Then the strip must be kept on a non absorbent surface and the result must be read in another 5 minutes. The test is considered valid only if the control line appears. If the test line appears, then it is negative for the particular drug and if it does not appear, it is positive.

Drug screen tests can be done at any time of the day and in any place. The kit comes with the device and the instruction manual. In addition a standard color chart is given to compare the colors of the tests performed.

Drug screening procedures are FDA Cleared and further confirmation of the results can be done by gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. The presence of adulterants can also be tested in urine samples to rule out the possibility of manipulation of the samples. Always look for the seal before the testing of the samples.