Favoritism for drug testing

A few people declare that the major reason of random school drug testing is not to grab kids using drugs, other than to stop them from increasingly using drugs, prohibited or not. Once teenagers have started to use drugs it is much harder for them to smash their compulsion. Maybe it is the subject of peer pressure which is the most sources of kids experimenting drugs. Continue reading

Harms Of Hiring Drug Addicts In Work Place

Drug addicts are not bad people, but can be described as victims of cause of drug abuse.

and related illness. In fact, we can tell that these people do not have enough self control to say no to drugs. The illicit drugs dominate the person that they do not realize the real situation of addiction and ill effects of the drug itself. Also, many people they have their own reasons for using drugs. In other words, these are the weapons that they use to support their habit of drug abuse. Another interesting fact is that more than 60% of the drug addicts are in full employment.

The problem of drug and alcohol abuse has spread to almost all levels of society including businesses and workplaces. Use of drug in workplace is something unacceptable. Apart from all other effects, the individual’s work performance is affected drastically. A study shows that the absenteeism has increased 3 folds due to drug abuse. Due to increased absenteeism and decreased performance, the company’s production is affected seriously. Nearly 1/4th of the accidents at workplace involve drug addicts along with innocent co-workers. This makes clear how hiring of drug addicts in workplace affects the co-workers in sign of drug abuse.

Some of the major effects of drug abuse in the workplace are loss of employment, health problems resulting in absenteeism, theft, lower production, etc.

The employee who uses drug per drug test info suffers health deterioration, disciplinary action, family problems, loss of employment which results in social deprivation.

The foremost concern of the employer in hiring the drug addicts are security and safety problems affecting the co-workers and common people. Apart from this, the production comes down due to increased absenteeism and repetitive work due to reduced quality resulting in increased cost of production.

In today’s scenario where company’s are struggling to meet the competitive edge, managing drug addicts at workplace is a serious problem as it involves both mental and financial burden by way of increased cost of production per drug testing advice.

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