Teen addiction and treatment – Drug abuse rehabs

In current days most of the parents are indulged in drugs and alcohols. Parents who are spending their time in parties make their children to feel lonely and depressed. The drug addiction will pay the way for domestic violence. Choking of the spouse against wall will make kids to get scared. It seems to be hard to break the attention of kids when something wrong going around them in home. Continue reading

Drug and Alcohol Detection Testing

Alcohol has become a part of our culture owing to several reasons. With the first reason being climate! Alcohol intake in the form of malted liquors, wines and spirits is a part of a social gesture. Unfortunately the beverage has become a social and psychological threat due to overdose. 3% of alcohol intake is reported to be healthy, but it is quite impossible to stick on to the said limit!

Malted liquors are obtained from the fermentation of the germinating cereals with low alcohol content of 3 to 6 %. There are also strong beers available which have alcohol content up to 10%. Wines are products of fermentation of natural sugars present in grapes and other fruits. Alcohol content in wines varies for light wines, fortified wines and effervescent wines. The third category of alcohol called the spirits is the distilled form of the fermented products that have very high alcohol content. Drug alcohol detection testing can be done for any of the above products.

Drug alcohol testing is done by virtue of the various complications associated with alcoholism. There are varied responses depending upon the dose of the alcohol. There is excitation and euphoria initially followed by alteration in mood and feelings with decrease in anxiety. At higher concentrations there is profound mental disorientation, altered memory, altered sensorium, drowsiness, sloppy, ataxic, drunk, stupor and unconsciousness. With higher doses there is paralysis of the medullary centers and finally death.

As far as the alcohol concentration of the blood is below detectable levels then there are not many effects. But once measurable amounts appear in blood, there is a slowing of reflexes which makes driving dangerous. This is the reason why drug and alcohol abuse in teen should be closely monitored. There is also obliteration of the fine and precise motor movements, impairment of performance and loss of fine discrimination.

Drug and alcohol abuse statistics show that most of the chronic alcoholics report an alteration in the sleep architecture with poor quality and early morning awakening. There is also a reported increase in the sleep apnea syndrome. Chronic alcohol abuse is known to damage the neuronal substance of the brain.

Drug and alcohol random testing is done for various purposes. It can be done for assessing the status of drug usage among employees, Laborers, students, workers, and kids. The testing procedures are simple, effective, reliable, fast and easy. Absolute privacy can be ensured. The tests are devised in such a way that they can performed without much efforts and at bed side. A large number of samples can be tested at the same time and also the kits are compact and portable.