Drug demand program challenge

Almost all countries are exaggerated by the overwhelming consequences of drug abuse and illegal trafficking. This includes unfavorable effects on physical condition, an increase in offense, aggression and dishonesty; the demanding of person, natural and economic possessions that may otherwise be used for communal and financial progress; the devastation of individuals, families and society; and the discouragement of political, educational, communal and monetary structures. Continue reading

Education a way to eradicate drug abuse in teenagers – drug abuse program

Extend use of substance will lead to never-ending disease to the liver, damages other organs, and may contribute to cancer. Drug Addiction not only affects the user, but also affects the people in the region of the user. Struggling for drug addiction troubles in the course of education can bring drug abuse to an end. Continue reading

Drug Abuse Poem

Drug abuse is a multifaceted evil. It not only affects the users rather it kills the entire family. It is a curse for the family of the person who is addicted to it. Drug abuse poem is written by such people who are indirectly affected by the wrath of drug abuse. People find it as a useful way to vent their sorrow as well as tell others about the harmful effects of drug abuse. Here is a small excerpt from a poem written by Kayla S. Birdno titled ‘Please Stop, mom’

“You’re drinking away what’s left of you.

It’s hurting me, and you’re hurting me, too.

I’ve cried. I’ve begged. What more can I do?

Mom, I’ve tried to help. And I’ve tried too still love you.”

Many such poems are written by different sects of people affected by drug abuse in one way or the other. A drug addict had once killed a kid by rash driving, and his mom wrote a poem to express her grief. Other people usually affected are sons, daughters, friends of drug addicts, victims of road traffic accidents, and by people who support drug abuse prevention programs.

The need of the hour is a drug abuse program that effectively communicates with the drug addicts as well as the common people. It can be in the form of poems, pictures, commercials, mass awareness programs, etc. The best method is to find the drug abusers themselves and to convince them to take part in this program directly.

You have to find a person who has come after drug abuse rehab and use him effectively. The person must testify his experiences being a drug addict, how he came out of it, the process of rehabilitation, the hope that was reconstituted in him, etc. You can take the help of the print as well as the electronic media. This person can communicate in the way that would reach all the drug abusers directly. Never forget that birds of the same feathers flock together.

Drug abuse rehabs can be done in various ways. The best part of it would be in teaching them about the love of god, teachings of the bible and the joy that they would get being with Christ. This type of spiritual refinement would ensure that they do not go for the sinful activities in the future. This would also relieve them of their guilt.

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