Drug demand program challenge

Almost all countries are exaggerated by the overwhelming consequences of drug abuse and illegal trafficking. This includes unfavorable effects on physical condition, an increase in offense, aggression and dishonesty; the demanding of person, natural and economic possessions that may otherwise be used for communal and financial progress; the devastation of individuals, families and society; and the discouragement of political, educational, communal and monetary structures. Continue reading

Drug Testing Is Important To Identify Drug Abuse

In today’s world, drug abuse and addiction is one of the serious problems that need to be taken care of. Drug abuse means the regular usage of illegal or prohibited drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroine, etc. which makes the individuals get addicted to it. Although there are many forums throughout the world which makes propaganda about the ill effects of abuse, the numbers of the drug addicts have continued to grow.

Drug abuse among teen is becoming increasingly popular.

Now-a-days, the usage of drugs has started even at school levels. A statistics for drug abuse among teenager show that about 10% of the 8th graders use marijuana and nearly 30% of 12th graders have used marijuana; these drugs have potential effects of causing disrupts in the brain development of the children. The usage of drugs at a work place can decrease their performance level and also harm the co-workers’ safety. For this reason, most of the organizations perform drug test on their current employees and also as a pre-employment procedure.

Drug testing is considered as an important screening procedure and is done to protect the health of the individuals, to ensure work safety, and to increase the productivity at workplace. Many oppose drug testing as they are afraid of losing their employment on getting a positive result in drug testing per drug abuse article.

On the other hand, it is also considered as an ideal tool for checking the individual’s compliance with the drug abuse help and rehabilitation treatments. Drug addiction not only affects the drug user but also their families, co-workers, and the public. So, it is a good thing to undergo drug testing.

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