Commitment of the drug demand program

United states have declared the drug demand program to struggle against drugs to eradicate completely from the environment. This program has declared various guidelines and principles for the challenge, commitment and other sectors of drug eradication. Continue reading

Why should drug testing be made regular?

Drug testing has become an integrated part in all the fields. Drug abuse and crime have increased in all fields and environment. Drug abuse by teen, drug abuse and pregnancy, drug abuse family are growing in advance in the society. Drug testing generates consciousness regarding drug side effects in the midst of the people. Drug testing had eventually reduced the drug addiction in the schools and companies. As the drug testing are done randomly and without announcement, abusers reduced the usage of the drugs. Certain companies have implemented drug testing as a regular scheme.

Regular Drug testing will keep the people away from the drugs. Regular testing will create alarm so that they will not abuse the drug. Though workers abuse the drug they could not eliminate the drug by adulterating the sample every time. The long time usage of drugs will be revealed by the samples.

The studies show that regular modes of drug testing have controlled the drug addiction among adults and workers successfully. Every time abuser cannot afford for the adulteration kits to pass the drug test. Many advantages are possessed by the regular drug testing.

Regular drug testing is strictly followed in military and navy. To ensure that soldiers are free and alert with their allotted work. If the results are positive in the drug test, the donor is permitted for second drug test after a period. Only if the results are negative, he/she can continue with the job or else will be chucked out of the job.

Regular drug testing at schools have diminished the abstinence of the student and increased good discipline in the school environment. Chances for adulteration of the samples are reduced by this.

Drug abuse rehabs are implemented all around the schools, companies to treat the drug addicted people effectively and hopefully.

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Drug Abuse and Pregnancy

A large percentage of mothers today are struggling with drug abuse. Drug abuse and pregnancy have dire consequences. The overall safety of the baby becomes a risk instead of just that of the mother. Determining if someone you know has an addiction problem can be a stressful situation; but there is help for you and the family.

Not only is the statistics on drug abuse and pregnancy rising but drug abuse by teen mother is equally on the rise as well. Finding out that your teen daughter is pregnant can be disturbing enough however an added addiction can ruin families. Support is an issue many families face, they just do not have enough education and support to handle drug addiction within their family relationships.

There are several problems that occur in when drug abuse and pregnancy are involved below are a few consequences of using while pregnant:

  • Low birth weight
  • Birth defects
  • Under developed lungs
  • Weakened heart
  • Chronic respiratory illnesses

Finding out if the mother is using early during the pregnancy and obtaining treatment is of highest priority. If the addiction is not found early enough the mother can have a miscarriage; separation of the placenta, and many other complications including the death of the child or herself.

Many states are creating programs to fight drug abuse. California has an average of $44 billion dollars spent on the treatment of drug abuse and related health issues. Additionally drug abuse and crime is on the rise. With 17.5 % of arrests being linked to drug abuse in 1999 SACPA of California started the Substance Abuse & Crime Prevention act in 2001. The proposition was raised in 2000 than passed in 2001.

Many states devised similar plans to assist with the drug abuse and crime problem. Being aware and educated of the problem is the first step. Assisting in prevention and recognizing the signs before it is too late can truly, help you and your family succeed in the war against drug abuse and crime. There are many drug abuse article s that will show you how and when to get help for you and your loved ones. Learning all that you can; will assist you in being prepared for what can happen. There are lots of websites that provide you with treatment plans and facts about teen drug abuse as well. Its up to you to put it to work.

Call toll free 1-877-281-9756 or international toll free: 1-864-631-7371 or write to to know more about drug test methods for all substances.

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Drug abuse and crime

All the analgesics especially the opioids have the potency to be abused. The reason is that all these anti depression drugs, anxiolytic drugs, analgesics, etc have a low therapeutic range and they are capable of producing a state of excitement and euphoria. The underlying mechanism is simple. These drugs have the capacity to inhibit the inhibitory neurons, thereby increasing the activity of the excitatory neurons. In due course they become physically and psychologically dependent. Drug abuse and crime are highly co related. The incidence of crime is higher in regions having an active circulation of drugs of illicit use.

Owing to the increased amount of stress among the working women, many of them resort to using the drugs of illicit use. Finally they become so dependent on them that they are unable to kick off their habit. Drug abuse has adverse effects on the fetus. If you are a drunkard, then your child would suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome as it can pass through the placental barrier. Drug abuse and pregnancy is of serious concern among the health professionals especially the abuse of alcohol.

Many women when they get pregnant click on their world web to know about their dos and don’ts as a pregnant mother. Many read drug abuse article to know about the various health hazards related to their drug abuse. The teratogenic effects of these drugs can be during fertilization and implantation, organogenesis, growth and during development. For example, alcohol use causes low IQ in baby, growth retardation, and fetal alcohol syndrome.

The incidence of drug abuse by teen has increase over the years. The parents are so occupied with their work that they fail to realize that some of them have gone astray owing to the peer pressure. But parents do have the responsibility and the need to monitor their kids. That’s why home based drug testing kits are manufactured and sold. It is a boon for the busy mothers who do not find time to take their kids for drug testing to labs. It is said that most of the RTA victims are teens and many of them are drug abusers which further worsens the situation.

This has made every state to have a drug policy on their own and spend millions of dollars to prevent such abuse. Drug abuse California has a department for alcohol and drug programs which regulates the drug policy by various means.