DOT drug testing

In recent decade’s lot of vehicular accidents have been recorded in national highways. The accidental cases so far analyzed have reported that it had taken place due to the drug abuse and alcohol abuse while driving. Lot of restricted drugs is abused by the truck drivers and other drivers which is the root cause for the vehicular accidents in national highways. Continue reading

DOT drug and alcohol testing

Since the outset of the DOT drug and alcohol testing program, there has been a lot of legal dispute from those that oppose drug tests. Though the DOT drug screen is mostly related to safety the courts have permitted the testing to be continued without any major set backs, it is indeed recognized as a compelling government need. Almost all states have formulated act regarding non-regulated testing to be referred to the DOT drug screening as a standard of practice that they are to follow.

The DOT drug test is related to a very tragic accident that occurred in the year 1987. On investigation of the accident; it was figured out that the employees that did drive were under the influence of marijuana and alcohol. As a response to the investigation results the DOT drug testing systems were mandated for aviation, rail and trucking industries. Due to the heavy impact of the event the DOT did not wait for the bill to be passed, but they implemented the rule under their own power. Following this accident there was another dreadful accident in August 1991, the legislation cited the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991.” The OTETA was passed in the interest of public safety.

When the bill was originally passed the DOT drug pass test requirement was mandated only to the trucking, aviation, railroads and mass transport system and the gas and oil pipeline industry were not mentioned; however, testing in those industries also began and it sill continues under the rights granted to the DOT as a government agency with regulatory duties.

The DOT has details about who would be tested and how they would be tested. Also, there are details cited in the DOT about what will happen if someone is tested positive and what will happen if someone is tested negative etcetera. The requirements of the OTETA were met in a consistent way after the establishment of the Office of the Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance to manage the development of the attempts for Workplace and alcohol testing methods.

The DOT standardization was framed to ensure that every employee that will be DOT tested by the same method, procedure and policy. The regulation has criteria that should be met before a person returns to job after violation of drug and alcohol use. Though the regulations seem to be very length they are pretty easy to be followed.

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DOT drug testing

A major statistics of RTA (Road Traffic Accidents) are due to reckless driving which is found out to be principally due to alcohol intoxication. The reaction time of an average individual is one tenth of a second whereas during alcoholic intoxication this increases to one fifteenth of a second. This is the reason why alcoholics take longer time to perceive things especially while driving. So they are more prone to accidents and die due to trauma. In order to avoid it, the department of transportation has modulated the DOT drug and alcohol testing, which suggests a standard 5 or 10 panel drug testing for this purpose from a SAMHSA authorized laboratory.

The edible alcohol is the ethyl alcohol whose content differs from one type of alcoholic drink to another. It is slowly absorbed from the gastric mucosa but very rapidly through the intestines. Once they gain access to the blood vasculature through the mesenteric blood vessels, they are free to diffuse to almost any part of the body. They enter the brain through the cerebral circulation and stimulate the cerebrum in low plasma concentrations and produce euphoria. But in higher concentrations, it causes mental clouding, disorganization of thought, impairment of memory, and other faculties, alteration of perception and drowsiness supervene. It is for this reason that dot drug pass test is required.

Dot drug screen (Department of Transportation drug screen) is mainly done for 5 main components like opiates, amphetamines, marijuana, cocaine and PCP). Any drug in the body has to be metabolized and excreted. So, any of such components tend to be found in blood and saliva (oral fluids) urine, hair follicle and sweat. The half life of alcohol is very less. Dot drug screen can be done for any of the following components for the presence of alcohol in the body.

Dot drug screening is a simple procedure where you can use your urine samples in integrated test cups. These test cups usually have several strips that detect various drugs by showing a color change. These color changes can be found out by comparing the color of the test strips to that of the standard chart provided. An instruction manual comes along with the test kit.

DOT drug test must be taken for every driver as a mandatory process to avoid the RTA that claims more lives in the unnatural manner. It is not easy to escape this testing as the drugs tend to accumulate in the hair follicle in the course of time which would yield positive results even after the cessation of alcohol for nearly three months.