Risks of smoking

The two for the most part of severe health effects of smoking are cancer and emphysema. Smoking is coupled to 11 varieties of cancer, as well as cancer of the mouth, pancreas, bladder, oesophagus, kidney and bladder. According to current researches, smokers are more expected to expire because of cancer than non-smokers. Emphysema is an unceasing disease that wipes out all parts of the lungs and fallout in squatness of breath, hyperventilation, and asthma attacks. These effects make the user to be very tired and exhausted. Continue reading

Effective Treatment Approaches

Effective treatment is the primary need for the recovery of drugs. Though effective treatments are available yet most of the people do not know how to approach an effective treatment. It is essential to be familiar with the kinds of treatment available. The treatment is mostly either medication based or counseling based one. Either it can be exploited singly or blended to make effective treatment. Continue reading

Testing positive for tobacco – influence in insurance

Tobacco is one of the most important ingredients in the cigarette which enters the body via smoking. It also accompanied by the nicotine drug. Now day’s majority of the people are applying for the insurance regarding their health, work, properties, etc. as many people approach for health insurance, insurance companies have made a tough task that applicant should require full physic in good condition before signing for the plans. Insurance companies are also have implemented insurance company drug test for smoking. Continue reading

Nicotine test, Cotinine test

Nicotine test is carried out in a one step immunoassay for the discovery of cotinine, the chief metabolite of nicotine in human urine and blood, at a cut-off level of 200 ng/ml. Nicotine is one of the most seriously consumed addictive drug in the United States.

A blood nicotine test gives the quantity of cigarette smoke incoming the body of a person in spite of them being vigorous or passive smokers. The levels of cotinine that confirms in the blood test for nicotine is going to be 10 times lesser than that which would show up in the urine.

Some of the cigarette blood cotinine test might turn positive for those that are presently on nicotine substitution products. It would be intelligent for such people to report such practices to the lab to keep away from penalty for high positives for nicotine.

Cigarette smoking has been the most famous way of taking nicotine since the starting of the 20th century. In 1998, 60 million Americans were present cigarette smokers (28 percent of all Americans aged 12 and elder), and 4.1 million were among the ages of 12 and 17 (18 percent of youth in this age group).

In 1989, the U.S. Surgeon General issued a report that fulfilled that cigarettes and other types of tobacco, like cigars, pipe tobacco, and chewing tobacco, are addictive and that nicotine is the drug in tobacco that reasons addiction. As well, the report decided that smoking was a main reason of stroke and the third most important reason of death in the United States.

Nicotine testing can be very cheap and suitable. At a price of $2.15 to $2.45 each, the tests will certainly pay for themselves. While you think the price of tobacco products and health concern for related health risks, the price of a smoking test is insignificant.

A Tobacco Urine Test is very simple to apply with a urine sample. The test employs a cut off attentiveness of 200 ng/ml, and also makes it pretty helpful to identify nicotine but not intended for the diagnosis of medical conditions. Blood nicotine test possibly is obtainable, but cannot be made without a qualified professional.

A single cigarette holds nicotine. There are just about 700 chemicals together with toxic substances present. There are short and long term health troubles that result from smoking the chemicals in cigarettes. People with an addiction to nicotine frequently experience lesser immune function, a leaning to find bronchitis, swollen glands, fatigue or incapability to work out, and other instant health troubles. Long term results can be the exacerbation of asthma, cancer, emphysema, and other chronic conditions.

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Testing for Coccaine

Cocaine is a powerful and very commonly used addictive refreshment drug . It ia a lot similar to alcohol.  When cocaine is consumed in smaller quantities, it tends to user feel a sense of calm and serene conditions since it tends to relax the muscles. When the dosage is above the recommended therapeutic levels, it can cause slurring of speech, stumbled walk and a distorted sight.

Very large dosages can lead to decreased respirations, coma or even death. When cocaine is combined with alcohol and other depressants it can enhance the consequences of both of these drugs which indeed prove to be a very risky situation.

Cocaine gets ingested into the body by snorting, smoking, injecting or by oral use with similar consequences. Refined cocaine is a white crystalline powder, which is mainly combined with other substances like corn starch, powdered milk, sugars or flour.

A Cocaine drug test is the process or the method employed to identify the existence of cocaine in the body. The Cocaine (Coc) Test Card identifies cocaine and related cocaine metabolites in the biological pathway.  This is achieved by examining different samples of the human body like the urine, hair, saliva and even sweat.

Cocaine urine test: Urine testing is generally chosen as a part of multi panel test while evaluating other kinds of drugs also.  It is also possible to test just for cocaine in the human body. This is mainly due to the following aspects:

  • These immunoassays are considered to the low-cost methods for a quick yes or no answer.
  • These are intrusive processes of testing.
  • This test can be quickly performed at home without any kind of technical know how of any kind.

Cocaine (COC) Dip strip Drug Urine Test: This test is an extremely effortless test for discovering cocaine or related metabolites of the substance in the human body by testing the urine sample, perhaps by working out on the concentration of the by-products of cocaine metabolism.

The qualitative discovery of cocaine is made with benzoyelecgonine as the metabolites in the urine sample and their cutoff for the test is 300 ng/ml.

Process for the test:

  • Take out the test strip from the foiled pocket.
  • Holding the strip perpendicularly, cautiously dip it into the sample. Do not dip the strip past the highest line
  • Interpret test results per guidelines given there in.

The results of the test can be understood by the colored bands that are noticeable after the test. If two color bands are seen then the result is negative where as if just one band is noticeable then the tests are providing a positive result.

Cotinine is a metabolic of nicotine, applied to calculate the rating of tobacco smoking.

From the data provided by the Survey on Drug Use in 2007, a 68 million people abuse tobacco, and over 3.5 million teens abuse tobacco among 12-17 years. The smoke level with the chemicals in the body is identifiable with aid of Cotinine test. Cotinine levels explain the level of smoke hazard in the body.

Cotinine influence tends to be around in the body for 20 hours from the time of use. Cotinine levels can be discovered using different techniques such as gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, and High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). Cotinine can be identified from days to one week after the last tobacco abuse. Chronic use shows up long term presence.

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