Programs offered in Drug rehab centers

Drug rehab centers put forward the treatments for men and women as well as their families who are suffering from the overwhelming consequences of substance craving and addiction. It’s your choice to seek recovery for yourself or somebody you concern. Rehab treatment is one of the most daring and life-altering measures that you’ll ever take. Decide your drug rehab treatment carefully, as this treatment will be the basis for your recovery from addiction. Continue reading

Opinions about marijuana in the bible

Religious use of marijuana was strongly supported by the Judeo – Christian. Bible states that hemp was the holy plant created and blessed by God (genesis 1:12). The bible speaks about a special plant which is treated as healing tree. Moreover the plant was created for celebrity and it should not be used for hunger. Hemp plant was found on the either side of the river and has healing power. So every people in ancient time believed hemp plant as a gift from God. Continue reading

Clinical Drug Test For Marijuana – 12 Drug Panel Screen

Marijuana is one of the widely used drugs by both men and women. The use of marijuana reduces the social interaction and seems to be isolated. Varieties of marijuana are available in street names such as chronic and Texas tea. The increase addiction of marijuana enhances the frequency and quantity of addiction. Abusers develop acceptance of the drug and are incapable to have power over the addiction. Now the mind focuses only on the addiction of marijuana and gets separated from the friends, family and society. Continue reading

National Institute Of Drug Abuse – Battling Drug Addiction

NIDA or the National Institute of Drug Abuse is a higher center that serves to battle drug addiction through a holistic approach. It was established in 1984 and has established itself well in detecting, treating and preventing drug abuse. It mainly performs through 2 modules. First of all, they conduct research regarding the drug addiction, drug abuse and prevention and evolve a strategy out of it. Based on this research and the outcome, they frame specific programs or treatment modules for scientifically curbing the evil of drug addiction.

It has a wide range of activities that includes launching awards to the directors who show the evil nature of drugs, smoking and alcohol in movies, formulation of a package for school students named ‘NIDA goes to school’ that educates the children from grades 5 to 9 regarding the various hazards of drug addiction and abuse; launching of drug abuse treatment trials network, releasing various curriculum, journals, press releases, tool box, books and also blends its activities with a number of national and international agencies to uproot the cartel business.

It also has a number of advanced plans for the future that includes understanding drug addiction through genetic and environmental studies, advanced imaging techniques, finding out the link between drug abuse and other diseases, the disparities in the treatment received by different social groups, understanding behavior of drug addicts, evaluating the cognition and neuroscience aspects of drug seeking behavior and the out come of the treatment and the compliance of the patients.

Several different kind of clinical drug test some of which are Clia waived have a Clia Personnel Standard and unless your drug testing order is that you need to make sure that you are undergoing tests in accordance with the Clia Standard for drug screens and it is important to make sure that the Clia requirement is fulfilled in sample collection too.

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