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In recent decade’s lot of vehicular accidents have been recorded in national highways. The accidental cases so far analyzed have reported that it had taken place due to the drug abuse and alcohol abuse while driving. Lot of restricted drugs is abused by the truck drivers and other drivers which is the root cause for the vehicular accidents in national highways. Continue reading

Cigarette Drug Test

Leukocytosis is one of the well-recognized side effects of cigarette smoking. The dose of smoking plays a major role in causing smoke-induced leukocytosis. Immunopharmacology bases most of their test results based on cigarette drug test, though the exact mechanism of smoke-induced variations in the immune response is poorly understood, frequent cigarette smoke test positive in many cases has lead to change in the primary immune response of the smoker. It is also reported to cause tangible effects on the secondary antibody response of the smoker! It is due to this concept cotinine blood test is being an important part in determining the medical insurance limitations.

Cigarette smoking is a dangerous mix of complex substances and most of them can potentially influence the immune system. The B cell membrane signal transduction pathway is greatly affected by nicotine which is present in cigarette smoke. The levels of these harmful substances can be studied at random using the Cotinine saliva test.

Cigarette test will also be positive in cases of passive smoking where there is an involuntary inhalation of cigarette smoke by nonsmokers in an environment where there are a lot of cigarette smokers like in waiting rooms, airlines, restaurants, etcetera. In such areas nonsmokers are unwillingly exposed to the cigarette smoker health hazard. Chronic passive smoking leads to significant amount of pulmonary dysfunction. Environmental tobacco smoke is responsible for more than 3000 lung cancer deaths annually. The nonsmoking spouses of smokers are most susceptible to the risks of passive smoking. It is important for such nonsmoking spouses to frequently have themselves tested for cotinine in blood or saliva and they should receive early treatment for the same.

Cigarette smoking is witnessing a greatest number of deaths round the world. Every year more than 500,000 people in the US die due to smoke related diseases like cardiac stroke, cancer, bronchitis, emphysema, peptic ulcers etcetera. Every cigarette shortens life by 7 minutes and a chronic smoker is found to live 18 years less than a nonsmoker! Cigarette smoking has a major role in affecting the advantages of exercising to negativity. Tobacco smoke is reported to have more than 1200 toxic chemicals within just a few seconds of inhalation nicotine affects the Central Nervous System. Cigarette addiction is stronger than the addictive power of alcohol! People are beginning to smoke knowing just half the detrimental facts. Take help to quit smoking. Test your levels of nicotine very often and you will realize the ever existing dangerous levels of cotinine in blood and saliva.

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Cigarette Drug Test

Cigarette smoking is a very serious issue in the US as it costs an annual economic loss of $157 billion. The increase exposure to the carcinogens of the tobacco smoke has made it an important reason for lung cancer. Further, second hand tobacco smoking is equally dangerous as the burnt tobacco has more carcinogens. So a cigarette drug test is done among the employees as a random drug testing as well as a part of pre employment screening because even if the employees do not smoke, their close associates can introduce nicotine in to them as ETS or environmental tobacco smoke.

Cigarette smoke test is important not only for employment purposes but also very small but sensitive issues. If the pregnant women is a smoker, then the fetus suffers from fetal hypoxia that result in low birth weight, prematurity, increased incidence of spontaneous abortion and serious complications at the time of delivery like premature rupture of membranes, placenta previa and abruptio placentae. In case of young children exposed to high amounts of tobacco smoke, they suffer from increase incidence of respiratory and ear infections and the exacerbation of asthma.

A cigarette test must be mandatory as smokers have high rates of accidental injuries, and act as a vector for the transportation of hazardous agents into the lungs such as the radon gas in miners. It also exacerbates the occupational related respiratory disorders like bronchitis.

The nicotine is metabolized to cotinine which has a half life of 20 hours. This cotinine is excreted in blood saliva and urine. Cotinine blood test produces positive results even after 1 week of cessation of smoking. If you are seriously interested in quitting the smoking habit and want to monitor it, then you can have a regular cotinine drug test done.

The error rate associated with cotinine saliva test is low compared to the other methods of testing. The reason for doing a drug testing for tobacco is that many of the people do not give a proper account of their smoking history. They may say that they smoke only 3 cigarettes a day, but their cotinine levels in saliva would not co relate with the statement. But sometimes this type of error occurs due to bacterial contamination. The sample of saliva or urine sometimes when left unprotected would lead to further metabolism of cotinine leading to erroneous results.