How retention time helps in drug identification? – Hydrocodone drug testing

Every drug testing procedures are supported by GC and MS instruments. Results are based on their retention time. So what is retention time and how it is related with drug testing results? This article discuss about the retention time in gas chromatography analyzes. Continue reading

Online Drug Testing Company – Benzodiazepine screening

The main organization that takes care of the mental health and checks drug abuse is the SAMHSA or Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. It is an agency of the federal government that takes care of mental health, prevents substance abuse and treats the person who wants to get De-addiction treatment. It mainly serves to rehabilitate the people who have mental disorders and who are addicted to drugs. It helps in providing medical, social, vocational and emotional guidance to the people who come with the problem of addiction.

The main centers and offices of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration are center for mental health services, center for substance abuse prevention, center for substance abuse treatment and the office of applied studies. It also conducts surveys and collects statistics on substance abuse and its prevention. It usually conducts a cohort study to find out the efficacy of its interventions and its outcomes. They also get grant for their research activities.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has a specific set of programs and modules tailored for specific age groups. They have comprehensive health programs for the mental health consumers to help them stop smoking, get out of addiction, beat stress, and improve nutrition. For health care providers, they provide them the guidelines to improvise the skills and knowledge to treat mental health consumers. They also pioneer the work in the field of suicide prevention by doing PSA campaigns.

When you are trying to get drug testing kits like those for benzodiazepine screening, alprazolam test, benzo testing, clonazepam drug test you have to make sure that they are from a online drug testing company who are selling strips that are compliant with the requirements of SAMHSA and FDA. Most of those tests that are meant for a court hearing should be FDA-approved and they are the most reliable ones indeed.

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